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Be a Tourist on Vancouver Island: Featured Businesses Tag: family

Over the last year, we’ve all learned to love the perks that can be found in exploring the area around you instead of going further afield. But, even without the restrictions, we’re lucky enough to have some amazing places and destinations on our doorstep here in Vancouver Island. In that...

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Achieve Your Personal and Business Resolutions in 2018 Tag: family

It’s that time of year again, when people are declaring their resolutions for the year ahead. You know that the vast majority of them will not stick with it, and invariably it will be to lose weight/eat better/exercise more. There is genuine motivation and intention, but the implementation is...

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May: What’s Up on the Hill Tag: family

Wondering about what we’ve been up to? Here is your chance to catch up on all the latest staff adventures, event updates, and great website launches.

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Blood Donation Preparation Tips Tag: family

Here at Radar Hill we've recently joined up with Canadian Blood Service's Partners For Life program. It's a pretty neat program where you pledge a minimum number of blood donations for your company to make each year. Employers, employees, friends and family members can all be part of your PFL...

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