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About Radar Hill

Radar Hill was created from the belief that you should be treated honestly, ethically, and fairly by a web design company with a high level of integrity. Many of our clients have had bad experiences with other website companies in the past: getting defrauded, lied to, and taken advantage of. When they finally come to us they're often cynical and wary, but soon they realize that we're the opposite, and they appreciate our honesty, professionalism, timeliness, clear communication, and problem solving abilities.

Since 2001, Radar Hill has been providing high-quality web design and development services to businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries. With more than 2,000 websites created to date, our experience is extensive.

Some clients we have helped include:

  • The boat builder who wanted a cost-effective way to let his long distance clients see their boats in production
  • The Victoria Real Estate Board which licensed one of Radar Hill's wireless applications, Homeport, because it was the best available to meet the needs of their REALTORS®.
  • The international security company that needed to deliver its updates and communication releases to clients around the globe but was left scrambling after the web development company they were using went out of business.
  • The many real estate agents who wanted their property listings kept up-to-date on their websites, with minimum effort on their part.
  • The merchant whose products were spread over four ineffective and badly designed websites, and who needed an economical, effective way to sell products online.
  • The ride share program that was left in the lurch by a bankrupt company.

Our goals & objectives:

  • To develop easy-to-use and effective web based products, services, websites, and strategies that best meet the needs of our clientele.
  • To deal with our clients ethically and honestly.
  • To keep clients regularly informed of the production status of their website.
  • To listen, and deliver exactly what we promise.
  • To answer clients' questions clearly and explain, in plain English, any technical or procedural issues.


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