Radar Hill has ten full-time staff, and is further supported by a team of talented and professional subcontractors: programmers, hardware and server technicians, hosting specialists, and a screen reader for handicapped accessibility issues.

Dan Lundgren

Project Coordinator

Dan Lundgren, co-owner of Radar Hill Web Design

Dan is responsible for communication and organization. He helps clients with the strategic planning of how their websites, and their Internet marketing, integrates into their overall business strategy. Dan has personally overseen the entire construction of several hundred websites since 2001, and has the experience to keep projects on schedule and within budget. He has a strong ability to translate concepts into award-winning websites. His customer service philosophy can be summed up in three words: promise and deliver. Dan’s strengths lie in his enthusiasm to become a part of every client’s business – and to help make it work.


Roger Whitson

Product Development

Roger Whitson, co-owner of Radar Hill Web Design

Roger’s experience in Internet development ranges across many languages, primarily, coding within PHP and MySQL database situated websites. jQuery has also become a very well employed tool for general enhancement of the 'user experience'. Over the past decade Roger has managed data access, from minor projects to some exceptionally complex Internet developments including: ridesharing management, secure document delivery, membership lists, wireless access, and image inventory warehousing. He spearheaded the development of our wireless Homeport product. Much of Roger’s work centers on making things easy for our clients to operate. His background in information architecture allows him to develop databases and administrative back-ends that are intuitive and user-friendly.


Shawn O'Hara

Client Coordinator

Shawn O'Hara, co-owner of Radar Hill Web Design

Shawn has the innate ability to place himself in the desk of the Radar Hill client. With this talent, solutions to presenting problems are found before the client ever views the work. As an advocate for the client from many perspectives, Shawn ensures logical information architecture, usability and overall navigational flow on each project. He has extensive experience with many aspects of domain name issues, including registering, selling, troubleshooting and regaining control. Shawn is an award-winning public speaker who oversees the strategic planning of Radar Hill, and does presentations and workshops on a variety of Internet-related topics.


Andrea Chan

Office Administrator

Andrea, amazing customer service rep!

Andrea takes care of our day-to-day bookkeeping needs. She troubleshoots email issues, website questions and oversees client tutorials. She is a domain name management expert and an excellent multi-tasker. It is important to her to make all clients happy and feel respected, and clients and staff alike appreciate her for this.


Ken Hamilton

Graphic Designer

Ken Hamilton

Ken started experimenting with web design and construction over a decade ago, and has spent countless hours agonising over layouts in Photoshop and marking up websites since then. He strives to create websites that are easy to use, functional, and stunning to look at. By taking time to fully understand the needs and goals of each project Ken aims to create design solutions that not only look great, but serve a purpose. When not creating solutions for the web, Ken can often be found picking banjo, jumping in lakes, and checking out live music around town.


Mike Culhane

Graphic Designer

Mike Culhane

Mike has recently relocated to Victoria from Ontario, where he obtained an education from Sheridan College, graduating in 2009. Mike spent a number of years working as a web designer in Ontario before up and moving to Victoria. He brings with him a passion for design and user experience, which he is continuously striving to enhance. Mike has neglected to bring a frenetic, big city panic to our company and he is easily assimilating into the West Coast stereotype as laid back and easy going. Mike is recently married, and spends off hours exploring Victoria, cooking, painting, and begrudgingly following the Toronto Maple Leafs. We appreciate his calm and measured approach to his work, we look forward to helping him claim Victoria as home.


Ben Norbury

Web Developer

Raised in beautiful Shawnigan Lake, Ben has always traveled the distance to get things done. He's been programming since he started in highschool way back in 2007 and refined his skills through Camosun College's Computer Systems Technology program. In his spare time Ben enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and playing the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering.


Kendra Savich

SEO, Marketing & User Experience

Kendra at WildPlay Parks in Langford

Self-taught and Google-trained, Kendra is our content expert certified in both Google AdWords and Analytics. Armed with a wide array of testing and analysis tools, she's always researching the latest SEO trends and works hard to make sure that websites and online marketing campaigns deliver a top-notch customer experience. Outside of office hours you can find her trying anything from archery to tree climbing.


Helena Wiebe

Administrative Assistant

Helena finds herself fitting in exceptionally well in an Administrative Assistant role at Radar Hill. Born in raised in Victoria, she has a background in Cosmetology but most recently followed through on her aspirations to become a qualified Office Administrator. Our office can count on her to make everyone’s day easier, and our clients can count on her friendly and inquisitive nature to help in any way she can. You can find Helena spending time with her dogs and attempting DIY projects in her free time.

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