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How To Get More Online Reviews - And Why You Should Care Category: Business Website Tips

Online reviews are everywhere. No matter what industry you’re in, or what your marketing strategy is — online reviews are going to play a massive role in influencing your audience and driving sales. Think of your own recent purchases and hires: did they happen because of a personal...

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How to Have an Accessible Website Category: Business Website Tips

A great website only matters if it works for everyone — but what does that really mean? For many of us, it’s as simple as...

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Introduction to Google Ads: Workshop Category: Business Website Tips

Do you want to rank #1 on Google?  What if you were told that the very idea of this is mostly a myth? Despite what some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “experts” might tell you, the top of the first page on Google is a nebulous, shifting target. There is no magic formula that will guarantee a...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer Category: Business Website Tips

When hiring someone to create and design your website for you, it helps to have a checklist of essential questions you need to be asking. These questions will help you make sure that the company you’re hiring is skilled, knowledgeable and poised to give you the best service possible in order to...

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The Importance Of Understanding Your Niche Category: Business Website Tips

It can be tempting as a business owner to attempt to market yourself to a wide-ranging audience. However, this general approach often fails to land and leaves you marketing to no one-relying on strategies that are aimless and scattershot. As a business owner, you need to be bold enough to stake...

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