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Grow Your Business with Reviews

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Reviews can make or break a business. How many times have you not gone somewhere or not hired someone based purely on the reviews you’ve seen? Or conversely, only tried somewhere or hired someone based on their good feedback? Reviews are one of the best ways of establishing trust and reliability, so if you’re not actively seeking and utilizing customer reviews, you're overlooking a valuable opportunity for your business. Here we look at how you can leverage reviews to grow your business. 

Utilize Relevant Platforms 

There are many review platforms nowadays, Google of course being the ubiquitous one that almost any business can (and should) have a presence on. If you have a physical location or cater to a specific geographical area, you need to have a Google Business Listing and that is generally where you should put effort to gather reviews. But it’s not the only place online to focus on. 

Depending on your industry, there are specific platforms that would be beneficial to have a presence on, such as TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, or Houzz. Most of these types of sites allow you to ‘claim’ the listing, which is a good step to do as then you can control the listing and edit any information, update the contact details, and most importantly, answer the reviews. 

Be Where Your Customers Are 

Most people are on at least one social media platform, and even if you’re not actively posting on social media, having an optimized profile creates a space for those who are inclined to leave reviews on social media. 

This can be as simple as having all the basic information filled out and a nice header image on a Facebook page or maintaining a LinkedIn profile with a good photo. Depending on the business, social media reviews and recommendations can have a huge impact, so make it as easily accessible as possible for them and have a presence where they will interact with you the most.

Get the Reviews

Getting reviews can be easier said than done, depending on what your business is. A therapist is going to have far fewer people willing to leave a review than a café for example. Nevertheless, if you provide a service or a product, feedback can be given on it, so it’s important to simply ask for it. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive!

There are a few ways to encourage reviews and prompt people for them. For any product sold online, consider sending a follow-up email once the item is delivered (which can be automated, based on the typical timeline for shipping). Thank the customer for their purchase and request feedback by providing a specific link for easy access to leave the review. This could be to your Google listing or another relevant platform, but the key is to actively ask for feedback.

If you provide a service there won’t necessarily be the chance/need for automated emails, so this is where you need to be a bit more proactive. Once the service has been completed you can send a templated email, or integrate review requests into your customer interaction process. 

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do that, as it can feel a bit awkward to ask your customers like that, at Radar Hill we offer a review solicitation service specifically for Google Business Listings. Just provide us with customer contact information, and we'll handle the rest to secure reviews.

Respond to the Reviews 

If a positive review is left for your business it is polite to respond and say thank you. If a negative review has been left, it is crucial to answer it. Potential customers are viewing these responses which influence how valid they perceive the negative feedback to be. 

Whether acknowledging mistakes and offering apologies or countering exaggerated complaints with factual information, your response can mitigate the impact of any negative review. Don’t just offer a copy-pasted “sorry you were not satisfied get in touch to resolve the matter” type of message, and don’t have the exact same text on multiple responses. Instead, personally respond as this provides an opportunity to showcase the character of your business, and people respond well to genuine and personalized interactions.

Showcase Your Reviews 

Of course you should have testimonials on your website, but don’t just hide them on a static page. To maximize their impact actively promote them, increasing their visibility and reach.

  • Put testimonials directly on relevant service or product pages, as this enhances credibility and influences purchasing decisions. 

  • Create graphics and share them across your social media channels, not only increasing views but making them easily shareable.

  • Have testimonials in your newsletters to reinforce customer trust, and this can even help build rapport with your subscribers.

Discover Your Niche 

This won’t be applicable to all businesses, but if you provide a range of services yet consistently receive reviews that only highlight one or two of them, it could be time to reevaluate your business strategy and see what you should be focusing on. It can also offer valuable insights into which services resonate most with customers, helping to adjust marketing efforts.

Improve Offerings 

Likewise if you consistently receive negative feedback about the same things, this allows you to see which areas need development and improvement within your business. It may be that employee training is needed, or the process of a service needs to be reevaluated or a product needs to be changed. By proactively addressing areas of concern highlighted in feedback, you can ensure the ongoing success and satisfaction of your customers. 

Note that growing your business with reviews is contingent on them being genuine. While it can be tempting to get fake reviews, Google will figure it out and it will significantly harm your business in the long run. Focus on providing a positive experience for your customers and respond appropriately to their feedback. By demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction, you not only foster trust among your existing clientele but also attract new customers who are drawn to your reputable business, helping it to expand and thrive.