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7 Reasons To Do A Google Ads Campaign

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When using Google to search for anything—but especially for products, services, and places to visit—you’ll undoubtedly see results that will have the ‘ad’ label attached to them. These are the results of businesses paying for their website to show up in these results through Google Ads. Something that can be extremely beneficial for their online marketing and presence. 

And if you’re wondering if Google Ads can also do the same for your business, here's an overview of seven reasons why you should be running a Google Ads campaign and how it can help you!

1. Reach The Broadest Audience 

Google is, put simply, the most important channel for your business when it comes to reaching as wide of an audience as possible online. If you’re searching for a service or product, where do you look? It’s going to be on Google. 

As the most used search engine, it’s the point of discovery. This means a targeted Google ad can ensure that you are being seen by a wide range of people, all of whom are looking for exactly the thing you’re offering. 

2. Be Precise With Your Marketing 

When running any sort of advertising campaign, it’s essential to know that you’re communicating with the right audience, and in the right way. This is one of the reasons Google ads are so effective, as it offers in depth customization and targeting options that will enable you to be in full control of your business marketing. 

Google ads allows you to design your adds to appear to people searching for specific keywords, as well as selecting options based on audience demographics, interests, time of day, device usage, preferences, and location. 

Additionally, there is the option of retargeting: showing ads to visitors who have left your site without purchasing anything or completing a specific action, but who could still be a customer. They know you exist already, so retargeting is a way to keep your business in their mind, as it’s easier to get a customer who knows of you already compared to a complete stranger. 

3. A Receptive Audience 

No matter how good or convincing your marketing might be, if your audience doesn’t see it at the right moment, it may not land with the effectiveness it warrants. People are busy, and often the window for convincing them they want or need a particular product or service is when they’re already thinking about it, not when they’re browsing the internet generally, or being active on social media. 

Because Google ads are targeted to Google search activity, you can ensure that your ads are being seen by people who want to see them. Ads are shown to users that are specifically searching for what your advertisement will be trying to give them, so it's a more welcome ad rather than just a random thing. 

4. Keep Your Advertising Budget Under Control 

In advertising you need to balance budget and costs with the benefit it brings. It is easy to throw around money but not get the results wanted. This is where Google ads can be an incredibly useful channel, because it allows you to monitor and adjust your campaign spending with ease. 

With Google ads, you get a high degree of control and customization, and this extends to pricing and budgeting options. Through Google ads, you will be able to apply constraints to your daily/monthly budget, maximum bid settings, and much more. You can set up strict parameters in advance you can ensure there is no oversight or overspend. 

What’s more, with Google ads you can ensure that your spending yields maximum return, as you will only wind up paying for interactions on your ads. Google ads use the idea of Pay-Per-Click, which means you only pay when someone clicks on an ad. 

5. Quick Access to Data 

Having effective marketing involves continuously adjusting. One of the advantages of online marketing is the access to immediate data that is specific and accurate. As previously written about Google Analytics makes this easy, and Google ads integrates well with Analytics, in addition to having their own ways of presenting data. 

With Google ads you can get straightforward and easy to understand data, with information for important data points such as clicks, impressions, keywords, budget, and much more. This helps you to understand which campaigns are working, which aren’t, and who or what you should be targeting in your next campaigns. 

6. Establish Brand Identity 

As much as we’ve focused on advertising as revenue generation, the impact of Google ads can be a lot broader, and even more useful for your business. Google Ads are also a great way of getting your brand name, visual identity, and other key attributes in front of your audience, helping ensure you’re synonymous with a particular product, location, or niche. This may not pay off in terms of direct click throughs and immediate purchases, but brand awareness can be a tremendous long term driver of sales. 

7. Immediate Returns  

While long term thinking should always make up a key part of your marketing decisions and thinking, for most businesses ensuring short term returns is going to be vital, and with Google ads, you can ensure just that. This can be especially important if you’re already focused on improving things like SEO organically, which can takes months to really show an impact. Using Google ads to provide a short term boost before you can see the returns on longer term strategies can be hugely beneficial to a business. This short term approach can also be useful if you have an upcoming event or product launch you want to get in front of your audience. 

Here at Radar Hill we don’t just make excellent websites: we help you manage your online presence and make the most of it. So if reading this has convinced you to set up your own Google Ads campaign but you aren’t sure where to start, or if you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch with us right away!