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7 Reasons To Do A Google Ads Campaign Tag: Google Analytics

Est. reading time 4 minutes

When using Google to search for anything—but especially for products, services, and places to visit—you’ll undoubtedly see results that will have the ‘ad’ label attached to them. These are the results of businesses paying for their website to show up in these results through Google Ads....

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Google Search Results

7 Potential Reasons Your Website Traffic Has Dropped Tag: Google Analytics

Est. reading time 6 minutes

As a service to our clients we send out a monthly Google Analytics report consisting of website traffic and a select few other key data points. These numbers are compared with those for the previous month, and while some fluctuation is natural, especially for seasonal businesses, it can be a...

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What is Google Analytics and Why It’s Important for Your Online Presence Tag: Google Analytics

Est. reading time 7 minutes

There are a number of advantages unique to digital marketing when compared to traditional methods of marketing and today we’re going to focus on one of them: the sheer volume of data and metrics available to you.  One of the best methods for tracking these metrics when it comes to your website...

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What You Should Know About Google Tag Manager Tag: Google Analytics

Est. reading time 2 minutes

Google Analytics may be the headliner but it’s not the only essential tool provided by Google to aid you in the running of your website—today we’re going to...

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