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Why You Shouldn’t Auto-Post from Twitter to Facebook

It may seem like a good idea to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that when you post to one account it will automatically post to the other. But what seems like a convenient tool for you, actually has a negative effect on your followers.

When it comes to marketing on social media, the types of customers you will have on Twitter versus Facebook are very different. While you may share some similar users, keep in mind that your audience is still different, and what works for one social media site, might not work for the other.

When someone is browsing through posts on either platform, they don’t want to go to a different network to view your posts. If clicking on a link prompts them to log into another social media site, it’s going to annoy them, and not only can this stunt your growth of followers but it could decrease them. A potential customer who is annoyed isn’t going to want to give you their business.

People follow you on Twitter because they want to read your tweets, and most likely don’t like using Facebook. The same goes for people who like your Facebook page, they also may not even use twitter. Auto-posting from one network to the other could alienate your customers, because if you are posting your daily specials to Facebook, and a customer on Twitter doesn’t have Facebook when they click on the link they won’t be able to view your specials.

Each social media platform offers different ways to connect, and the way you share and connect with people through Twitter is very different from the way you connect through Facebook. When you take the time to compose a tweet with proper hashtags, you look like someone who cares about their online presence and that you care about your customers, fans and followers. This speaks volumes for your business, in addition to increasing engagement among your followers.

The most important part of Social Media Marketing is engaging with your customers and the community. People will scroll past auto-posts from other networks, not giving you any engagement. Don’t lose out on this great opportunity to connect! It only takes a few extra minutes to compose your posts differently for each network.

Some advice to follow if you are planning on using multiple social media platforms:

  • Try and share different advice or posts on each network you use, to keep posts unique to each network. This will give people more reason to follow you on all of your accounts.
  • Take time to plan content plans for each network, your followers will engage with you more as a result.
  • Using a platform such as Hootsuite to schedule posts on multiple social media sites is a much better option then auto-connecting accounts. This allows you to schedule posts at the same time, but you can customise them to their specific networks.
  • If you are posting images, it’s always best to post them directly to each network so that the images appear in the accounts, rather than a clickable link.

If you find you are only using Facebook, and not utilising your Twitter account it may be a sign that Twitter is not for your business. Focus on using the social media networks that you use on a regular basis, or start taking a little extra time to run multiple accounts in a more effective manner.