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Why You Need Strategy Before Tactics

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Too often we see businesses that are using the spray and pray method of marketing: throw money and resources at marketing and pray some of it will stick.

They want to sell their services to all people. When we ask, “who's your ideal client?” and we get responses like, “anybody with a house” or “anybody who needs…” we know they have no strategy. They are using the tactic of the week because "somebody" told them it was a good idea: email marketing, pay-per-click with Google or Facebook, social media, radio, and/or print.

If you as a business owner are doing tactics without strategy, you are just wasting your money.

Strategy is your marketing reason for being.

What was your vision when you started your business? What lifestyle did you want? Who did you want to serve? Why? What did you want them to feel, experience, think, and say about you?

That’s what comes from strategy and that is what gets you out of being a low-cost commodity.

Create a strategy for marketing your business and then put the right tactics into making that strategy real.

  • Dominate a narrow market niche
  • Package your services like no one else and create a category
  • Become famous for doing one thing

These are some strategic business approaches that can inform every single business and marketing decisions you make. If you have a strategy and do this, marketing your business will become a whole lot easier.

We can help you develop a marketing strategy.

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