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How To Maintain Your Online Presence During a Pandemic

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It can feel like the business world is grinding to a halt right now. But the reality is that your business should still be reaching out, even if it feels like you have nothing to offer.

Customers may not be lining up to buy from you, but they’re still searching and looking out for future purchases.

That’s why you need to be building your online presence, becoming a vital resource for your customers and maintaining engagement with your audience.  

Key Steps For Building A Robust Online Presence

Website Banners

Your customers are going to be looking for immediate information, wanting to know what is being done right now, and how these changes are affecting your services.

This information shouldn’t be buried in the regular copy of your website. Instead, add a banner to your website like this one here to ensure your customers know exactly what’s going on. 


Staying in direct contact with your customers during this time is vitally important. They may not be considering visiting your website, so this could be your only opportunity to keep them informed.

A newsletter, and other forms of content creation, can also be a great way of providing value to your customers without relying on services and products. 


If you’re currently still able to fulfill orders and sell products, switching to an E-commerce platform is a simple and effective way to replace your physical store and ensure you don’t miss out on income streams. 

Google My Business

Google My Business is an essential tool for your business, something we’ve previously outlined here, and it’s important to update the information on there to reflect any new changes, such as hours of operation. 

Social Media  

It can be tempting to scale back on your social media presence, however, this will be a missed opportunity. People are increasingly leaning on social media during this crisis and it will be a direct channel to your audience.

You should be using your social media for two main purposes: To educate and to entertain.

Giving your customers updates on both your business and safety practices will help them stay informed. While you can also use this moment to provide more personal and lighthearted, ‘slice of life’ content, content that doesn’t necessarily have to relate directly to selling your business. 

Such as more personal stories of how your business was founded, bios of staff, and amusing/inspiring stories of working with clients.

Business and Personal Benefits

We understand that these can seem like futile measures in these moments, but they will pay off down the line.

Once things return to normal it’s important that your business hasn’t shut up shop entirely, otherwise, it may be difficult to get things up and running immediately.

Beyond that, it will also ensure you’re keeping yourself busy—your business is an important part of your life, and staying involved with that can be helpful during this difficult period. 

Here at Radar Hill, we’re experts in helping businesses maintain an online presence, and are committed to helping businesses stay connected during this period. To find out more, get in touch with us today!