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Adapting Businesses: Survival Stories

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As the pandemic has unfolded we have had a front row seat to see our various local businesses adapt and change with the rapidly changing business environment. Many Radar Hill businesses were forced to change the way they do business and in some cases, change their customer base.

Below are a few examples of the many unique situations of our clients.

Honeysuckle Cottage Sales Honeysuckle

Toni and her team of seamstresses make beautiful tea cozies and home decor products for customers and shops across Canada.

The pandemic was going to be a disaster as shops closed nationwide. All of a sudden, masks became an essential personal safety product as well as a fashion statement.

Toni and her team took to making thousands of masks per day in a variety of colours and patterns.

FX Connectors Currency Exchange 

Cruise ships and tourists make up the bulk of Mike O'Neil's customers and this pandemic hit Mike's business hard.

However, over the past few years Mike has been cultivating currency exchange relationships with wholesale and retail businesses that buy internationally.

With the reliance on shipping and supplies coming from other countries, Mike has been able to pivot and weather the storm.

Island Mediquip Island Mediquip

As an essential service that tends to the medical needs of our most vulnerable, Island Mediquip needed to change their business protocols drastically to keep their customers feeling comfortable and keeping them safe.

Along with a host of safety protocols, E-commerce has enabled their staff to reduce the personal interactions to only the most essential.

Out of Ireland Our of Ireland

Retail shops are some of the hardest hit industries. Out of Ireland is a busy Government Street business that caters to tourists and cruise ship traffic.

Salish Seaside RV Haven Salish

With RV vacations on the upswing as an option during the pandemic, Salish RV Haven took pause to think on who would be allowed to stay at their park.

With rule breakers in the news travelling around the country (and even crossing the border), Salish RV made the socially-conscious decision to restrict visitors to BC residents only.

Medix EMS Medix

We only just finished this e-commerce site in late 2019. The pandemic induced a "trial by fire" for Lyle and Lydia's company as they were inundated with more than a 1000 orders for PPE and cleaning products within a matter of weeks. The e-commerce store has enabled their company to help local businesses adjust to new protocols and procedures.

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