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Helena’s 2024 Trip to Australia and New Zealand Tag: news

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Helena, our lovely Executive Administrator, recently returned from a 3.5 week adventure in Australia and New Zealand, and it sounded like such an amazing time we just had to share! From seeing wild animals, to ziplining, to a Taylor Swift concert, a lot of fun was had Down Under.

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Belongil Beach - Australia

Shawn Went to Utah: The Travel Blog Tag: news

Est. reading time 7 minutes

Written by Shawn O’Hara: I went to Utah recently for a Duct Tape Marketing retreat/conference. It was a great trip, not only the event itself but visiting Utah was fantastic. When I travel for things like this, I like to take advantage and have a mini vacation at the same time and visit places...

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Shawn at Mormon Tabernacle

What is ChatGPT? An AI-Written Blog Tag: news

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You’ve probably been hearing about ChatGPT and AI writing tools a lot the last few weeks. But what is it exactly? For a brief overview of ChatGPT, other than this paragraph here is a blog that was written 100% by ChatGPT. We gave it the prompts (headers), but the text is completely written by...

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Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Status Tag: news

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Shawn O’Hara recently received the Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant designation demonstrating excellence, dedication, and expertise in small business marketing. John Jantsch developed the Certified level to acknowledge consultants who place a heavy emphasis on the success factors of the...

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Adapting Businesses: Survival Stories Tag: news

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As the pandemic has unfolded we have had a front row seat to see our various local businesses adapt and change with the rapidly changing business environment. Many Radar Hill businesses were forced to change the way they do business and in some cases, change their customer base. Below are a few...

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