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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

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When hiring somewhere to create and design your website for you, it helps to have a checklist of essential questions you need to be asking. These questions will help you make sure that the company you’re hiring is skilled, knowledgeable and poised to give you the best service possible in order to make your website a success.

To help you, we’ve outlined the 10 essential questions you need to ask before you hire a web designer.

1. Do they have references and examples of previous work?

References and examples are crucial when it comes to checking not only that they have the requisite skills to design your website, but also for making sure the style and personality fit are right for your needs.

2. Who will be my primary contact, and are they easy to communicate with?

We often have clients who come to us after experiencing difficulties reaching and communicating with their web designer; a smooth relationship is crucial to a successful project. 

3. Will my domain be registered in my name?

This is a small and often overlooked detail that can have important ramifications down the line. If you don’t register the domain in your own name then there is the potential for whoever does control it, whether that person is a part of your business or not, to edit or even delete the domain without your permission.

4. Will I own the content and design of the website?

You need to make sure you retain ownership of all that goes onto your website, meaning that even if you choose to have elements edited or redesigned, you retain full control.

5. What technical support and assistance do they offer?

As we’ve learned from experience, websites are complex and require a high degree of management and technical expertise. Invariably, problems or complications may arise, and having a knowledgable and understanding support is vital to ensuring your website keeps running smoothly.

6. What is their website creation process?

It is important to find a web designer that takes a detailed and tailored approach. If they rely on templates and work backwards to make their approach work for your business, the end result will be flawed. The best companies will work with you to create something unique that matches your needs.  

7. Do they build SEO friendly websites?

SEO is vital for any website – without it, quite simply it won’t get found. It’s vital you work with someone who understands the importance of this, as SEO determines how easily and readily customers can find it through search engines.

8. Do they have a physical office space?

Web design jobs can be done from home, there’s the lasting stereotype of ‘the guy in the basemen‘, but a physical public office space can be an important signifier of longevity, trustworthiness and quality. As well as giving you the assurance that you will always be able to reliably contact someone if you have an issue.  

9. What are their qualifications and training?

In order to create something that goes beyond the basics, something that works effectively and looks impressive, a web designer needs to have a number of different technical skills and proficiencies. Make sure you’ve checked their credentials first.

10. Do they have an experienced and skilled team?

A great website has too many different components to be the work of one person. It involves diverse areas such as programming, layout, design, content, pictures, SEO, and online marketing. By working with one company that has a skilled and experienced team, you ensure not only quality but also the consistency of the message and content. 

You don’t have to look far to find a web design company that can answer all these questions and more – at Radar Hill we have the skills and experience needed to make your website a success. Contact us today to find out how we can help you – we know how to make you a success.