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4 Reasons Online Reviews are Important and How You Can Get Them Tag: SEO

One of the main reasons reviews are such an important tool for businesses is that they are one of the easiest and most obvious ways for customers and prospective customers to communicate their feelings about their experience.  Social proof has always been a part of gaining new customers, with...

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Online reviews

7 Potential Reasons Your Website Traffic Has Dropped Tag: SEO

As a service to our clients we send out a monthly Google Analytics report consisting of website traffic and a select few other key data points. These numbers are compared with those for the previous month, and while some fluctuation is natural, especially for seasonal businesses, it can be a...

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8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer Tag: SEO

It’s hard to understate just how much the world of business websites, and the Internet at large, has changed since we began Radar Hill way back in 2001. When we started out, simply having a website of any kind was a major point of difference for a business.  Fast forward to 2022, and having a...

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Questions to ask website designer

Online in 2022: Marketing Your Business Tag: SEO

Digital marketing is one of the most rapidly evolving industries, with new technologies and ideas constantly emerging. This means businesses need to be proactive when it comes to how they manage their own online presence. Just because it was the right way to do things five years ago, does not...

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Interaction Cost and Creating a Website Menu Tag: SEO

Developing a website involves juggling a wide range of design elements, trying to build something that not only reflects what a business offers and embodies, but also provides a satisfactory customer experience.  Here we take a deep dive into the idea of interaction cost, how it impacts...

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How To Get More Online Reviews - And Why You Should Care Tag: SEO

Online reviews are everywhere. No matter what industry you’re in, or what your marketing strategy is — online reviews are going to play a massive role in influencing your audience and driving sales. Think of your own recent purchases and hires: did they happen because of a personal...

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Understanding Google Analytics & Ads: Workshop Tag: SEO

How to drive more traffic and more leads to your website by leveraging statistics – learn about Google Analytics and Google Ads in this comprehensive 2for1 workshop! Google is a key part of digital marketing in 2019, and this workshop is going to focus on two services, Google Analytics &...

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Google Analytics and Ads Workshop in Duncan – 18 April Tag: SEO

How to drive more traffic and more leads to your website by leveraging statistics – learn about Google analytics and Google ads in this comprehensive 2for1 workshop! Your website can help determine the success of your business overall. It’s more than just a place for customers to find products...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer Tag: SEO

When hiring someone to create and design your website for you, it helps to have a checklist of essential questions you need to be asking. These questions will help you make sure that the company you’re hiring is skilled, knowledgeable and poised to give you the best service possible in order to...

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