Bemail Rules

Broadcast Email Rules and Regulations

Our Bemails are distributed to approximately 500 Victoria REALTORS®. We maintain a very current list of active Victoria Real Estate Agents, we remove individuals who choose not to receive information, and we only send out real estate related information. To view our Bemail privacy policies, please read our Bemail privacy policy.

Delivery Times

Most Bemails are only sent out during regular business hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding holidays (and please note the deadlines).

Only a limited number of Bemails are sent out in a day. Bemails are not sent out on evenings, weekends, or holidays.

Priority is given to Bemails that have open houses on the same day that they're set to go out, but otherwise Bemails are sent in the order that they are approved.

Multiple Bemails for a Single Listing

It is possible to request more than one Bemail for the same listing, but only if there has been a major change to the information, such as a price change or a new open house date. We often have many Bemails going out each week, and repeat sendings of the same Bemail raises the chances of your Bemail getting marked as spam by mail clients.

To resend a Bemail, you are required to fill out the Bemail order form as if you were ordering a new one. This ensures that our office has a proper record of the order, as well as making sure that all invoices and receipts are delivered to the proper recipients.


A bemail may be rescheduled prior to 1pm on it's delivery date provided there are still open slots on the day you want it moved to.

  • If your desired date is full, your Bemail will have to be moved to the nearest available date.
  • Bemails can be moved no further than two weeks into the future at no charge, and can not be moved to a weekend.
  • Bemails moved back in time are charged double. If you ordered a Bemail that was scheduled for Thursday and you want it moved back to Tuesday, for instance, you will be incurred this price.
  • You can make the request either when you respond to your Bemail proof, or by contacting our office.

Each Bemail may only be moved once.

Multiple Listings

Multiple listings may only be included in a single Bemail if they are sequential, share a similar layout, and are being presented as a single package or open house (for example, several units in an apartment complex). Furthermore, they are subject to an additional hourly fee for any custom work required to make them fit the Bemail format.


Once you receive your Bemail proof you are able to make edits to the text yourself, so all formatting and spelling errors are considered the responsibility of the person ordering the Bemail. Likewise, while we keep an eye out for broken virtual tour links and incorrect email addresses, we can't correct them if we don't have the proper versions in the first place — so please double check your spelling when filling out the form!

Please also remember that there's no word count limit for Bemail comments, and recipients tend to respond more favorably to well-worded paragraphs than to abbreviated classifieds-style writing.

We reserve the right to limit bemail word count in extreme cases.

Approval Deadline

Bemails need to be approved before 1PM on the delivery date.

  • If we receive approval for your proof before 1:00 PM on the day the Bemail is set to go out, your Bemail will be sent out before 4:00 PM that same day.
  • If we receive approval for your proof after 1:00 PM on the day Bemail is set to go out, your Bemail will be sent out in the nearest available slot. (If the nearest available slot lands on a weekend, the Bemail will be scheduled for the next non-holiday weekday.)
  • If we do not receive an approval or a cancellation, your Bemail will be discarded and you will be charged full price.
  • The content of a bemail is the responsibility of the Realtor. Please make sure the information is correct prior to approving.

If you cancel your Bemail, you will only be charged a flat fee of $34.95, regardless of the original price.

Cancellation Fee

Once you have received a proof for your Bemail you are obligated to pay for it. The services of our office have been enlisted and work has been done. A cancellation fee of $34.95 applies to all broadcast emails that are created but cancelled for any reason, no exceptions.

Design and Layout

If this is your first time requesting a Bemail from us and you already have a website with Radar Hill, we will use your website colours and a modified version of your site header to style your Bemail.

If you do not have a website with Radar Hill, your Bemail will be created from a generic template based on the colours of your agency. If you do not include contact information or a profile picture with your first Bemail submission, they will be taken from your agency's website.

Custom banners will be accepted at no extra cost if you prefer to create your own, and may be uploaded as an additional file on the Bemail order form. Custom banners must be 600 pixels in width, and no more than 200 pixels high. They must clearly state the REALTOR's® name, agency, and e-mail address.

The layouts of Bemail templates as a whole are decided by our programmers, and are designed based on client feedback to present listing information in the most concise and efficient way possible.

It's impossible to construct a well-coded Bemail without professional web development skills. Format and download times are optimized by our office with every email message that is sent out, a requirement that is demanded by our recipient list. In addition, we moderate the recipient list on a consistent basis to ensure only those Victoria REALTORs® who wish to receive information from their fellow REALTORs® about Victoria Real Estate are included.

If you absolutely must design your own Bemail, or if you already have an advertisement that you would prefer to use, you may attach it to the order form as a PDF file. Our designers will slice the PDF and send it out in image format.

All PDFs will be resized to an image that is 600 pixels in width.

We reserve the right to charge by the hour for custom Bemail design requests.

Who Can Send a Bemail

Bemails can only be sent out by active VREB or VIREB agents who have a listing or development project in the Greater Victoria Area. Exceptions are made for information sessions or announcements for future developments, provided an Agent is representing that bemail.