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TNT Industries Inc.

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TNT Industries Inc. has over three decades of experience drilling and blasting, and they possess expert knowledge of blasting geometry and explosive engineering. Their specialties and experience include: in-town controlled blasting, hydro projects, highway projects, right-of-way, pipeline trenching, mining, rip rap, crusher feed, specialty sizing, pit run, road-building, foundations, bridge approach, quarrying, and pre-shear. TNT came to us for a new responsive website to showcase their variety of unique, specialized drilling and blasting services. With no pre-determined company branding, we created a wordmark logo for them, using modern, sans-serif fonts that convey an easy approach, and make a bold statement. We used a clean layout with intuitive navigation and eye-catching feature imagery. The dark background allows the imagery to stand out nicely, and we chose bright yellow and orange accent colours that match the colours of their machinery.

Project Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Image hosting and management
  • Logo design


This is the first website we've ever had, and we were pretty slow getting it done. We started the process but we put it on hold a few times because we were busy in our business. Everyone at Radar Hill was very patient and I wasn't harassed in any way to show up and get it done. I quite enjoyed the process of building our website. It was kind of fun, talking about ourselves and our business in a promotional way, and detailing what our goals are. It's not something we get to do every day. The interest level from Dan and the staff also made it fun that they were interested in our businesses. It was feeding our egos a little, but that's ok. It made our business feel supported. It used to be that it was only me chasing the work, unless it was someone we had worked for before who wanted to hire us again. For new work, it was me always beating the bushes trying to find out where it was and the opportunity to bid on the projects. The website has changed the way that I go after work, instead of me spending so much time looking for the next job, it usually comes to us directly. Now I don't promote my business as much as I used to because my website does that. We get regular calls from people wanting us to look at projects, when we never used to get calls. We still do promotion in a couple different ways, but once all our equipment is working jobs, we back off any kind of promoting, unless there is something coming up that we really want. We also belong to the Heavy Equipment's Association and we get quite a few referrals through that. It leads them to our site, which gives us credibility. We also go to China and purchase stuff there, as well as Germany. The first time we went to China we didn't have a website and they didn't trust us. Some would not do business with us because the mentality there is that if you don't have a website, then you are nobody. That was part of our reason for doing a website in the first place. Personally though, I do the same thing. If someone contacts me and says that they are a certain business and they want to hire me, I look to see if they have a website. If they don't, I won't give them much consideration, because as far as I'm concerned, they are not big enough to be hiring our company. The website gave us much more of a web presence. You look up drilling and blasting there’s only ten, and now we’re part of that group, so it lends us credibility which I didn’t realize the website would give us. We were looking at it more as an advertising tool. It used to be, before the Internet, if you had an Ltd. Company, it made you legitimate. As soon as you became Ltd. you became somebody. But now that’s not the case, you need to have a website to prove that you’re somebody. Now with Radar Hill we have a great professional website that we are very pleased with.

Craig Ramm, TNT Industries