Friendly Giant

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Friendly Giant is a highly professional organization and takes great pride in the work they do. Shawn and Chelsea came to us with a fairly plain brochure website, with little customer engagement. Their dream was to have an estimator that would give people an idea of the general cost for a number of services. We built an estimator that services both new and repeat customers in slightly different way. The offer of "book now" is tempered with a "give me a more accurate estimate" so no one is made to feel uncomfortable about getting an estimate. The website build itself highlights authentic photography taken on actual jobs with their technicians. We incorporated modern design, and bright colours to play up the "friendly" part of their value proposition. Since the build, Dan has had his gutters cleaned and Dan's dad has encouraged his entire neighbourhood to have their windows and gutters cleaned by Friendly Giant. A wonderful project for a wonderful group of local people.

Project Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Full content management system
  • Image hosting and management
  • SEO site content tailoring
  • New page creation

Here at Friendly Giant, we are immensely proud of the work that we do for our customers. The feeling we love is making things clean and the thanks we get from proud home owners. Unfortunately, we thought of our old website in the same way our customers think of a dirty house – we wanted to clean and tidy it up so that we could be proud of it. What’s more, is that we were under attack from some franchise operators who came to town with their fancy trucks and their fancy websites. That’s when we got a hold of Radar Hill. We had all these great ideas and needed someone to “bring everything together” for us. It was so great working with them: they outlined the process that would be followed, what would be required of us, and kept us informed. We needed professional photography – they provided it. We needed professional writing that told our story – they worked with us to create messaging that would bring us more business. Radar Hill has website development refined to a science. They research what will work best and plan with us to make it happen. We arranged a number of photo shoots and made ourselves available for a couple of strategic meetings to keep the project moving along. Our website was losing us business with new customers, now we are able to compete and win against the slick franchise operators. Thanks to the team at Radar Hill!

Shawn and Chelsea