Cuban Cigar Shop

Cuban Cigar Shop home page displaying on multiple devices

The Client

Cuban Cigar Shop is a family owned and operated tobacconist that has been selling premium cigars in Victoria since 1994. They specialize in Cuban cigars - including collectable and limited-edition releases - as well as a range of cigar related accessories and paraphernalia.

The Situation

Their previous website had some basic e-commerce functions and capabilities, but on the whole, it was inelegant and unresponsive. This led to the user experience being frustrating and inconsistent, with customers encountering a confusing and difficult ordering process — one that would often see the shopping cart function crashing.

This extended to the backend, where adding items and making changes to the site was an arduous and complicated process for Cuban Cigar.

Our Work

Surveying the industry as a whole it was clear that cigar websites were somewhat lagging behind, and often in dire need of modernizing and streamlining. In light of this, we sensed an opportunity to help Cuban Cigar stand out from the crowd by building something that was both functional
and classy.

To help achieve this we created a new website that still housed all of their current data and imagery – over 1700 products. We spent time on the beautification of logos and photos to help update the look of their website — something they greatly appreciated, and which ultimately helped them develop their brand and appeal to their customers. On top of this, we built in a number of features to ensure they had a functional and comprehensive e-commerce site that prioritizes the user experience.

Special Features

There were unique, industry-related problems. In this case, we had to make sure a secure and reliable payment system was set up, allowing for the fact that not all payment processors will accept tobacco products.

We implemented an easy to use payment management system, that also allows Cuban Cigar to add in monthly specials, with custom coding to help organize their wide array of brands
and products.

We also implemented a number of other features, including:

Our Thoughts

We’re always trying to find the right balance when it comes to our relationships with our clients. For some that means us working with little or no input, and with others they want to have a more proactive role. Cuban Cigar were one such client, and we were able to find a balance between leaning on their industry expertise and vision, while also convincing them to trust our advice in key areas.

The Result

Within hours of the new site being live there were sales. Overall it has tripled their sales, not only from existing customers, but also in terms of new customers gained. It is now a smooth experience for the users which means there are no barriers for buyers. As a result, they have gone from 3 or 4 orders a week, to 3 or 4 orders a day.

Project Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Full content management system
  • Full e-commerce capabilities
  • Image hosting and management
  • Document hosting and management
  • Custom jQuery
  • Customizable meta tags
  • SEO site content tailoring

I have done business with Radar Hill for twelve years. They have always told me the truth. They have never tried to confuse me with technical talk and empty promises. They have always been patient and explained every detail of the work and costs of my web development. It is so valuable for me to have a stable and solid web development company that I can trust. I came to Radar Hill with a pre-existing e-commerce website and their staff had the expertise to work with an unfamiliar system until I was ready to upgrade. When it was time to upgrade, what a wonderful experience! I met with their staff for planning and design, and when the site was ready to launch, they even visited my shop to ensure everything was perfect. Website traffic and sales immediately increased. I recommend any business that wants to profit from their website to interview Radar Hill.

Aemon Arachi, Owner, Cuban Cigar Shop