Bromar Construction

Bromar home page displaying on multiple devices

Dan Marinier is a dedicated home builder who we have worked with for many years. When it came time to upgrade his website we sat down with Dan to find out what made him different from other home builders. Dan explained his process and mentioned that he'll only build one house at a time. We quickly found out that his is very unusual in the construction trade and that Dan preferred to give each one of his projects his utmost attention. He went on to explain that it means he's always on site and always moving the project towards completion. The outcome is a higher quality and no compromise on time lines.

We used this personal approach when developing tag lines, copy and organizing photography for his website. The result is a beautiful website that introduces Dan, explains his approach and highlights some of his previous projects.

Project Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Image hosting and management
  • Document hosting and management
  • Custom jQuery
  • Customizable meta tags
  • SEO site content tailoring