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Richard McCandless had a long career at the highest levels of government finance in British Columbia. From 2004 until his retirement McCandless was the Chief Information Officer for the provincial government and built a deep understanding of the inner workings of two corporations, ICBC and BC Hydro. In retirement Richard McCandless has continued to take an interest in public policy issues and enjoys research, analysis and exposition of policies that are difficult to understand and often obscured from the public and the press.

Previously, Richard communicated one-on-one with members of the press, local government and interested private enterprise about government policy. His website was built to allow the public and the press direct access to his well-informed perspective on government financial policies. Under three main categories, we have built a blog-style document repository for .pdf documents, articles and references. Rick is able to quickly and easily refer inquiries to his website which contains all of his work on each topic, which he is easily able to update through our Pyramid CMS.

I am very pleased with the website developed by Radar Hill. When we first discussed the possibility of a site I had a vague idea of what I wanted. During our concept and design meetings Dan was most patient and helpful in focusing on a practical approach. Radar Hill quickly translated my concepts into a working model. I found working with Radar Hill both enjoyable and instructive, and the result more than met my expectations. The site has received a number of favourable comments from users, and some even praised my work too! Jennifer was also very helpful as I was learning to use the website. I have already recommended Radar Hill to a friend who was looking to upgrade or replace her company's website.

Rick McCandless, Author, BC Policy Perspectives