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August 1: Password Security Workshop

Skull and data

Almost every week, there is a news story about a site being hacked or a data breach. Maybe you have experienced this directly. Remember when the login credentials of 117 million LinkedIn users were sold on the black market?

But how can you protect yourself? How can you protect your accounts?

As more data gets stored in cyberspace, the risks to your personal information increases. For many, the only thing protecting their banking records is a password that can be easily guessed in a minute. Don’t be predictable and hackable. Read here just how easy it is to hack accounts.

On Tuesday, August 1st join us for a scary talk with Shawn, co-owner of Radar Hill. He will be talking about vulnerabilities that lead to accounts getting hacked, and the best practices to stay safe.

Many people are aware of the dangers of weak passwords, but can’t remember complicated safer ones, so opt to stick with the same password they have had for a decade. Well, after the 45-minute talk, there will be a hands-on workshop on setting up the password manager LastPass. This is a practical way of having safe passwords, so let us help you and your information to be as secure as possible!

As seating is limited, kindly register for this free event, being held at our office, 5th floor of 3301 Douglas Street, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.