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Victoria Harbour Ferry

The Story

Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone Optimized by Radar Hill

The Victoria Harbour Ferry Company was founded in 1990 with just two ferry boats. Today, they own and operate a fleet of 14 small 12 passenger ferries and two 40 passenger vessels.  They have travelled over 60,000 kilometers a season in the harbour and complete over 90,000 stops a season in the harbour!

Our journey to a new website design began with Radar Hill’s project manager Dan sitting down with Barry & Michele of Victoria Harbour Ferry to determine what they needed and wanted in a new website. Once project vision was clear & the planning was completed (including a lengthy discussion about website navigation!), the Victoria Harbour Ferry team met with Graphic Designer Megan to talk about what feel they wanted for the new website. It was to be fun, unique & graphically portray the Harbour Ferry experience.

After some collaboration between the Victoria Harbour Ferry team & Radar Hill, a final website look & feel was approved and we started the task of building the website. This included implementing responsive design and integrating the website into our Content Management System, Pyramid. We love it and think it’s pretty snazzy; congratulations to the Victoria Harbour Ferry crew on their new website!

Interesting Features

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Full content management system
  • Image hosting and management
  • Document hosting and management
  • Custom blog design
  • Google Maps listing
  • Custom jQuery
  • Social network integration

Barry Hobbis CEO, Victoria Harbour Ferry

We partnered with Radar Hill Technology Inc. right here in Victoria to help us design our new online image. Radar Hill also made our site 'responsive', which means that the contents will re-arrange itself according to the size of the browser and the viewing device. In the months since launch, Radar Hill has offered us insightful information about the viewership and different ways to improve the site based on actual usage by the public. We recommend Radar Hill to any company looking to partner with a proactive website design company.

Testimonal 4 years later:
Our website continues to be a primary focus of our sales and marketing activity. When we needed to upgrade our old web site to a new and more contemporary presentation of our business we realized that our then web site developer could not fulfill our needs. In our search for a new, established developer with sound references we found Radar Hill. On a personal level, I was surprised to discover an old friend, Dan Lundgren, was a partner in Radar Hill. I have always valued Dan’s commitment to his business relationships. After rekindling some old memories, I quizzed Dan and Radar Hill with the diligence of Sherlock Holmes. We discussed our vision, needs and expectations, and Dan and Radar Hill committed to building a new website for us. The process was thorough and transparent, and was done based on a fair amount of fact finding and fact checking. Radar Hill often came back to us and ask “is this what it should look like? Is this how it should function?” The finished product has been the foundation of our marketing from the day it was launched, meeting our needs and surpassing our expectations.

We direct everyone to our website as much as we can, as we want to utilize it as our information place. It’s driven our foray into additional social media, which has been very successful. In the past 15 years, we’ve grown our company from 6 or 7 boats and 30 employees, to 17 boats and 85 employees.

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