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  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Full content management system
  • Full e-commerce capabilities
  • SEO site content tailoring
  • Widget implementation

Paul Scotthorne, Owner, Party Crashers

We would love to send a huge thank you to Roger and his team at Radar Hill for the amazing job they did on our new website. For our type of business, a website that informs the clientele on "What" we do and "Where" we are is crucial. Radar Hill took our needs and wants to another level! We now have a fully informative website that explains all our services, from balloons and balloon pricing structures, all the way to our newest DJ services. The site was made much brighter and modernized to really stand out. A party store needs to emphasize a party atmosphere, something I didn't think would be possible via a website, but Roger’s team did it!

As a local small business, the next steps were adding "E-commerce" to our website, all the while trying to stay within a small business budget - very difficult task needless to say. Apparently not, as we now have a full online sales department currently able to take and ship orders across Canada!!! As for the budget, we expected to see lots of little adjustments here and there for any requests or changes which are the norm for specialized services such as this. Even after countless tweaks to the site, as well as additions and personal requests, our estimate from Radar Hill did not waver and we stayed right on budget.

I think the best part of the entire service was the "hands on" experience and local business feel. By this I mean at no time was it an issue to call Radar Hill or email Roger directly and not only get a warm response but be encouraged to do so. Many website designing or hosting places I have interacted with in the past always give that “you’re bothering us” tone in phone calls or respond to email queries with quick “standard form response” emails. This is not something you get at Radar Hill.

The other part that stood out was the coaching. Websites and technology can be terrifying to the non-tech inclined sector, but when Roger actually comes to your shop and takes the time to coach you on how to do minor changes and tweaking of your website on your own, I feel that is going above and beyond and something that gets lost by the bigger companies.

Roger and his crew at Radar Hill have done an excellent job in helping to take Party Crashers - "the event experts" to the next level, and I recommend them to anyone in search of an online presence.

Tags: content management system, custom website design, ecommerce websites, product websites, responsive web design

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