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Peter Gray

The Story

Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone Optimized by Radar Hill

Peter Gray, a valued Radar Hill client for many years, came to us a few months ago expressing interest in acquiring a redesign of his existing website. Because Peter was aware of the rapidly growing importance of having a mobile-friendly website, he wanted to provide his real estate clients with a stronger tool to use while they search his listings from their phone or tablet on-the-go. For branding consistency, his new website utilizes some of the styles and colour schemes of his old website and other advertising materials, yet it features a cleaner and more modern feel, showcasing his properties attractively with slideshows and listing details. The site is now responsive, which means that all page content flexes to fit any viewer’s particular screen size. This eliminates the frustrating inconsistencies of a website constructed years ago, back before mobile browsing was popular and before the technology existed which allows a screen to flex properly. Because Peter’s clients no longer need to “pinch and pull” their screen in order to view his website content on their phone or tablet, they will certainly find it more useful, which will in turn help bring Peter more inquiries. Visit the site on any of your devices to try it in action!

Interesting Features

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • REALTOR® package

Tags: custom website design, real estate websites, responsive web design

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