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Peninsula Lawns & Landscapes

The Story

Peninsula Lawns and Landscapes is a full service lawn and gardening maintenance company. Before coming to Radar Hill they had no web presence. They came to us so that we could create a website that would help get their company seen online. 

Peninsula Lawns have been serving the Greater Victoria area (encompassing Sidney to Metchosin) since 2004. We created a simple, modern layout for their new website to allow customers to focus on the images of their immaculately landscaped lawns.

With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Peninsula Lawns experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to assist you with all your landscape needs. They offer superior service for both residential and commercial services at an affordable price.

Interesting Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Image hosting and management
  • Logo design

Chris Ronald, Peninsula Lawns and Landscaping

I have an established business, but I found I was working too hard to bring in a consistent number of new contracts to keep my company moving forward. My do-it-yourself attempts were doing nothing, but I didn’t need a gold-plated website that brought 100 unqualified inquiries per day – that would ruin my life. What I wanted was professional credibility and a website that generated 2 or 3 solid leads in a month to keep my business viable. I came to Radar Hill and they listened to my requirements and built me a website designed to do exactly what I wanted to accomplish. So many other companies oversell overly expensive websites or cut corners to make the project as cheap as possible. Radar Hill tailored the project perfectly to my business at a price that was fair. Over the past three years, my website has enabled my business to grow in a manageable way with very little effort on my part.

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