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Ocean Pacific Abrasive Blasting

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Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone Optimized by Radar Hill

Ocean Pacific Abrasive Blasting are leaders in the restoration industry, specializing in surface preparation of all substrate surfaces such as wood, metal, aluminum, copper fibreglass, concrete porcelain, and many others. They undertake projects such as fire damage restoration and smoke removal, mold removal, concrete texturing, and more.

We've built them a new website to showcase their work and give them a new modern, responsive website. With clients all across western Canada, they needed something that looked great on all devices for their variety in customers. The new website is clean, professional, well organized, search engine optimized (SEO) and best of all fully responsive.

Interesting Features

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom website design
  • Image hosting and management
  • Logo design

Saleem Khan, Ocean Pacific Media Blasting Inc

I approached Dan & Shawn from Radar Hill early 2016 to build us a new site. After speaking and meeting with several other website designers I chose Radar Hill for the job. The whole staff is amazing. They exceeded my expectations in how the site turned out and how they went the extra mile to make things as perfect and as profitable for my company as possible. We're getting twice if not more emails and phone calls from all over western Canada. Radar Hill is in a league of their own. From the lovely ladies who answer the phone right down to Dan and his colleagues, they always made me feel like they were there for me.

I would highly recommend Radar Hill to anyone who wants the job done right the first time. They got us results!

Thanks to everyone at Radar Hill, especially Dan!

Testimonial 2 years later:

Working with Radar Hill has been nothing but positive. My business has tripled since I got this website – I had a 1/3 increase in profits last year. I thought I was doing well before, but clearly nowhere near as well. I believe that had I chosen someone else the result would not have been nearly as good. Not only did having a site increase my sales, but it increased the awareness of my company and now the people who are the best in the business are coming to me. They are going to the site first and passing judgement because we live in a world of judgement. They see that it is a nice site, so they see that I have my act together, and they make the next step which is an email or a phone call. It’s all about image and you have to represent yourself accordingly, and I have Radar Hill to thank for giving me a great image. Because of it, I am currently working in Rimby, Alberta, with Pioneer Log Homes, who build the best log homes and are known for the reality TV show Timber Kings.

When I first entertained the idea of building a new website, I wanted to stay local. I’m from Duncan, and I skulked out some people there, but then I thought about using someone from Victoria and went straight to Radar Hill. On my first visit to the office I decided that I was going to go with them, because of the way they handled things. Dan has been amazing, and Andrea, and the whole staff has been more than what I could ever hope for. I am more than pleased. Dan has been my go-to guy here, and he’s an honest straight-up guy. He is not going to tell you something you don’t need and waste your money. When I write cheques, I don’t even question it. I just write it because I trust him. Radar Hill doesn’t give phony answers, and has gained my trust in a short period of time.

In their meetings, you feel like all eyes are on you and that Radar Hill is there to take care of your needs. It shows that they like what they do, and more importantly they want the client to succeed. A lot of people out there will put up a site and tell you to have a nice day, and that’s the extent of your relationship. But not at Radar Hill, they make you feel valued and we get excellent advice. Right at the beginning the site wasn’t doing so well, and Dan suggested I do some Google advertising. But he told me to wait a few months, so I did, and the results were awesome. I was getting calls as far away as Manitoba, as people looked at the referrals and history on the site and they decide to go with us. If the site not been doing well, I know that Dan would have sat me down and told me what needs to be done further to improve it, as he would be just as concerned about my business as me, because he really cares.

I don’t know anything about websites, I am a dinosaur when it comes to computers, but stress or confusion is not even in the vocabulary with Radar Hill. I got treated very well, it’s all very awesome. My one regret is not coming to Radar Hill sooner! I only have great things to say. When I hear people talking about getting a website, I tell them not to waste their time, and that I know the people they have to go see to get an excellent website.

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