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Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone Optimized by Radar Hill

Armstrong has provided professional cleaning and installation services for windows and gutters to the Cowichan Valley for over 15 years. They use the latest techniques and environmentally safe products to clean your windows, gutters and siding.

We've built them a new responsive website, to help better reach their cutomers on all devices. Check it out from your smart phone or try resizing your web browser on your computer to see the website in action.

Mark Greir, Armstrong Cleaning

It is critical to have a website, especially for client contact. We don’t have statistics to compare with the old website, but our numbers have gone up. For every email we get, we’re at the door, doing a quote the same day or the next day, and we get 90% of our quotes, if not more. We now keep track of where exactly all our inquiries come from, and quite a few of them come from the site, which means I am getting back at least what I have invested. New clients are coming from referrals, truck advertising, and the website. If anything, a problem has been our growth, not being able to keep up with the volume.

Not only is there the relief of having the site done by someone else, but also that it is getting done properly. It is off my plate, and I was confident giving everything to Radar Hill and letting them handle it. They are very professional, very on the ball as far as the technology goes. I’m getting emails from them all the time about the latest technology and it’s neat to hear about it. I love the tech advice I get. I also like having them as a resource for Google, and because I’m putting my energies into other things, I feel comfortable delegating all of that stuff. I know how important it is. I like knowing how important it all is, but I don’t want to have to personally learn the technology behind it. My website adapts to smartphones now and I didn’t have to do anything, other than say “Yes, optimize it for smartphones.” We are very pleased with the website. Radar Hill is doing a good job. I brag about them because they are easy to work with and deliver a great product.

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