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Behind The Curtain At Radar Hill – Helena Wiebe Tag: staff appreciation

I’ve been working at Radar Hill for over a year and a half now as an administrative assistant, and I’m very excited to share with you a little insight into what my experience has been, and why coming here every day brings me genuine joy. 

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What’s Up On The Hill: 2017 Recap Tag: staff appreciation

Wondering what we’ve been up to this year? Staff adventures and cat pictures are detailed below, in this edition of What's Up On The Hill!

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We Hired! Our Hiring Process Tag: staff appreciation

Have you ever sent in your resume to an employer and thought, “this doesn’t represent me in the best way. If only they knew me they’d hire me. If only I could put myself across, instead of only having this cold, dry resume.” Well, at Radar Hill we really try to get to know our applicants, by...

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May: What’s Up on the Hill Tag: staff appreciation

Wondering about what we’ve been up to? Here is your chance to catch up on all the latest staff adventures, event updates, and great website launches.

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Boss' Day: Our Staff Tag: staff appreciation

At Radar Hill we only hire the best, and how we hire and treat our staff is reflected in how we treat our customers, our clients. October 16th was Boss's Day, and that was acknowledged here at Radar Hill as well, as the staff all signed a card, and added some nice thoughts, for the owners. It...

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