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Protect Your Passwords - And Your Business Tag: security

Est. reading time 6 minutes

When was the last time you changed your passwords? Important accounts like Google, social media, Microsoft, banking, and others that are used daily, are linked to your personal and financial details, and so if someone hacked into them it could be a disaster.  One way to protect yourself and...

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What is SSL and Why is it Important for Being Safe Online? Tag: security

Est. reading time 4 minutes

SSL has become an important aspect of daily Internet life, so we thought we would explain what exactly it is and why you need to know about it. Read on to know why SSL is one of the basic features needed for safeguarding your data online. 

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Be Compliant with Worksafe BC Legislation Tag: security

Est. reading time 1 minute

Every week we do a live Facebook video bringing you the latest news from the Hill and online marketing tips. Recently we spoke about Worksafe BC and its anti-bullying training session. A few months ago we had our Worksafe BC Bullying and Harassment training session. We brought in Ingrid...

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