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Shawn Went to Utah: The Travel Blog Tag: networking

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Written by Shawn O’Hara: I went to Utah recently for a Duct Tape Marketing retreat/conference. It was a great trip, not only the event itself but visiting Utah was fantastic. When I travel for things like this, I like to take advantage and have a mini vacation at the same time and visit places...

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Shawn at Mormon Tabernacle

BNI National Conference - May 2019, in Montreal Tag: networking

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Each year the BNI National conference is held in a different part of Canada, last year it was in Ontario, next year will be in Vancouver. This year’s event was held in Montreal, a city that has a special place in my heart.

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Have Your Cake And Eat It: Take Advantage Of Your Networking Opportunities Tag: networking

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We’re all guilty of making the same type of mistake – we take something we need to do now and we procrastinate instead. Telling ourselves, “I’ll get around to it some other time” and inevitably, when we finally do, it’s too late. When it comes to networking, this is an especially costly...

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