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Domain Name Scams and Phishing Scams: How To Spot Internet Scams Tag: domain names

In many ways the popular image of internet scams, that of the ‘generous’ Nigerian prince and the distant relative with the common name, can lull people into a false sense of security.  In reality, internet scams have developed and are a little more sophisticated and effective than you are...

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A Website By Many Other Names Tag: domain names

You’ve probably heard the cliché “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. But businesses and branding can get a little more complicated than that. Not all names are created equal, and when it comes to websites… yikes. Where do we start? The answer is the domain. In this post we’ll be...

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Domain Renewal Scams: iDNS Canada Tag: domain names

You may or may not have gotten a letter from a company called iDNS Canada (also known as Internet Domain Name Services). iDNS is a company that preys on people who don't fully understand the domain registration service by sending letters in the mail about their expiring domain and requests...

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Real Estate Domain Phone Scams Tag: domain names

Spammers and scammers have been trying extra hard lately to get your money. We've seen an increase in spam emails and phone scams around the world—probably due to spam not being as effective as it used to be, forcing scammers to send out even more in order to get the same return. We've seen a...

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Beware of Domain Renewal Scams: Domain Registry of Canada Tag: domain names

A few years ago, a company by the name of "Domain Registry of Canada" sent out hundreds of letters to domain owners in hopes of scamming them out of money. Now they've come back, looking to get money from you by telling you your domain needs to be renewed or you'll lose it. This is a...

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