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Web Accessibility: Designing for Inclusivity and Compliance Tag: community

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Designing a website is all about providing the best user experience for its visitors, but that can often assume a universal experience that ignores the different accessibility challenges and issues many people face. For web designers and businesses, providing the best experience possible means...

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Blank screen on desktop, tablet, and mobile to represent lack of accessibility

Health and Wellness Newsletter: Featured Businesses 2024 Tag: community

Est. reading time 12 minutes

A common New Year’s resolution is to live healthier, whether that’s through a new exercise or diet regime or just trying to make different choices overall. But like a lot of resolutions, it’s not one that often sticks, and usually after the first week of January it gets forgotten. So here we are...

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Shawn Went to Utah: The Travel Blog Tag: community

Est. reading time 7 minutes

Written by Shawn O’Hara: I went to Utah recently for a Duct Tape Marketing retreat/conference. It was a great trip, not only the event itself but visiting Utah was fantastic. When I travel for things like this, I like to take advantage and have a mini vacation at the same time and visit places...

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Shawn at Mormon Tabernacle

What You Need to Know About Google Business Profiles Tag: community

Est. reading time 5 minutes

Google is the world’s most-visited website. If you want to have any visibility online, you need to be able to be found on it. One way you can do this is with a Google Business Profile (GBP). Whether you're aiming to attract visitors to your physical location or to your website, Google is the...

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local GBP search

Be a Tourist on Vancouver Island: Featured Businesses Tag: community

Est. reading time 9 minutes

Over the last year, we’ve all learned to love the perks that can be found in exploring the area around you instead of going further afield. But, even without the restrictions, we’re lucky enough to have some amazing places and destinations on our doorstep here in Vancouver Island. In that...

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Toastmasters International - Supporting a Winning District Tag: community

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And now District 21 is the only district in the world where 100% of the clubs in good standing have opted for online attendance. We are also number one in the world for new members, number one for Education awards, and number one for Club Growth. We are a Distinguished District and that’s all...

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