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Yes Social Media Will Help Your Business

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There has never been such a widely used form of communication that has such a low cost. Why wouldn’t you take advantage and maximize its potential for your business? There is little risk and the rewards are huge. Social media is ubiquitous, with the vast majority of people use at least one platform, the major ones being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, although there are many more.

Even if you personally aren’t active on any social media, as many of our clients aren’t, your potential customers are. In this increasingly digital world, consumers are extensively researching companies before purchasing or hiring from them. Something that helps businesses stand out is having a good social media presence.

What Counts As a Good Social Media Presence?

Something important to keep in mind is social media is not meant to be selling all the time – you want to give customers value, a reason to follow. Your posts can’t always be trying to explicitly get the consumer to purchase.

One often-discussed popular commercial social media account is Wendy’s. On Twitter, they are sarcastic and engaging, while still selling their food. Innocent Drinks on Twitter, the vast majority of their tweets are not about their smoothies, but rather amusing observations, as can be seen below.


Of course these are companies that have hired many people to manage their social media full time. That is not something most small businesses can afford or want to do. However, having some social media presence and engagement is vital to grow a business online. At Radar Hill we can help with that.

Social Media Services

  • Social Media Assessment
    We look at all your social media platforms to determine how we can better improve your social media presence and how to turn followers into customers for your business.
  • Strategy Development
    Working together we will develop a social media strategy to align with your business goals. Whether you already have a social media presence or need to start from the beginning, we will help you get to where you want to be and achieve those goals.
  • Enhanced Social Media Sharing – Open Graph
    Social media has a strong influence on social proof (the phenomenon in which people assume the actions of others to reflect correct behavior in a given situation) and can be a major source of traffic to a website. To help with this we add social media sharing options. When your website visitors “Like” “Recommend” or “Share” content from a website, that content appears on their social media feed, and in their friends’ or followers’ news feeds. To make this more visually appealing, we use Open Graph, which is coding added to your website to enhance how this information is displayed. This could include specifying which image, title, description etc. appears. If your content is more attractive on social media, more people are likely to see it, click it, and share it. This converts more people into leads for your business or social media followers to share your content with.
  • Account(s) Set-up
    We correctly set up any recommended social media accounts. We ensure your new website is linked to your social media accounts, and that each account is branded to reflect your website and brand.
  • Account(s) Enhanced
    We obtain a list from you of all your existing social media accounts and their login credentials. We’ll perform an audit on each one by looking at your company and industry and strategize an effective social media campaign. As part of this strategy, we may work together to develop a branded hashtag which will be promoted to your followers and tracked.

The above services are what Radar Hill can do to enhance your digital presence. A website is the final destination, and everything else around it is a map. Make your route as engaging and entertaining as possible for your potential customers. People buy from companies they know, like, and trust, and being personable on social media is a great way to build that connection.

Not all of your potential customers are going to be on social media. But enough of them are, and they want to be engaged with. The gains that can be found using social media are enormous; there has never been a period in history where communication is so quick and constant.

If you are interested in gaining new business by using social media, come talk to us for a no obligation discussion about your marketing strategy. We are Hootsuite and Google certified, and will work with you to ensure your business is successful.