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Social Media Marketing is Word of Mouth Marketing

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Can you control what your customers say about you?  A business has dozens of opportunities to take control of the “word on the street” and it is essential that businesses know how to use social media to influence the conversations and turn talk into profit.

Put your company in front of your best buyers

Not all social media platforms are appropriate for all businesses. There are over 200 social media platforms. How do you know which ones are the best to invest your time, energy and financial resources to get the most consistent results? Target the social media that will return the most profit to your business and avoid wasting your time, energy, and money.

Turn followers into customers

It’s not enough to have followers on social media. If followers do not become customers, they are of limited value to your business. Improvements in your social media presence will be improvements in your company’s ability to attract more customers to your business. An effective social media strategy brings more new customers to your business, more (and more often) repeat customers and takes customers away from your competitors.

The new reality: your business will live or die by the quality of your reviews

Everyone knows this: receiving poor reviews can have a negative effect on your business.

Over 85% of consumers will read and believe online reviews before they make a purchase from you or competitors. It is essential to have a proven strategy and crisis management plan to prevent your business from broadcastinga negative impression due to bad reviews.

Don’t be boring!

The worst thing that you can do in social media is be boring. A slipshod attempt at social media can do more harm than good.You want your best buyers to be engaged and interested.


You need to know what works and what doesn’t work. Social media is notorious for being an addictive place to spend time. It’s important to measure the effectiveness of everything you do. Branded hashtags, engagement, clicks, likes, shares – it’s essential to develop key strategies and calendars for action. Consistency is key. Out of date social media account is bad PR. Bad PR is bad business.

Get Social Media working for you

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