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Do you realize that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are the lifeblood of our economy?

iStock_000016273782SmallAccording to the Small Business Profile 2013: A Profile of Small Business in British Columbia (.pdf) there are about 385,900 small businesses in British Columbia, which account for 98% of all businesses, employing over a million British Columbians. This means 1/3 of all pay cheques are earned through small business. Our region, Vancouver Island and the Coast, has 69,500 small businesses ranging from single operators to 50 employees.

Every time a small business expands, every time a small business hires, every time a small business succeeds in a new market, we all win, and we all help to stabilize our communities. This is why shop local programs are so important.

At Radar Hill, we serve small and medium sized businesses on southern Vancouver Island, in a wide variety of industries, from the home-based single operator (SOHO), to the organization with a few hundred staff and multiple locations. Being a small and local business ourselves, we relate directly to our clientele. In the words of Red Green, "We're all in this together!"

To help us all win, here are a variety of local businesses and organizations that serve small and medium sized businesses. Looking for something in particular? Jump to a category:

Business to Business (B2B)

BNI Valley Voices

Valley Voices provides its members with an excellent business support network, opportunities to educate members of the community about their services, and quality referrals that lead to increased business. A lot of business is completed on a weekly basis and many important relationships are formed. Contact them online at www.duncanbni.com.

Capital City Executives Association of Victoria (CCEA)

The CCEA is a dynamic business organization comprised of key business leaders from the Greater Victoria area. The Capital City Executives' Association members exchange leads, network, build relationships and make connections. Members are known for their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to one another, and to the leads program. Contact them online atwww.cceavictoria.ca

Community Futures Cowichan

community-futuresCommunity Futures is a non-profit community business financing organization created to support small and medium businesses in the Cowichan Valley, paving the way for a diversified local economy and job creation. They have a wide variety of services and tools for small business owners to achieve their goals, including business support, business planning and loans. Compared with other traditional source financing options, the businesses of Community Futures' clients grow faster and last longer. They support entrepreneurs at all stages of their development, whether they're just starting out or are a mature business looking to grow to the next level. Contact themat 1-888-303-2232, visit them at 135 Third Street in Duncan, or online at www.cfcowichan.ca.

Duncan Business Improvement Area Society (DBIA)

downtown-duncanThe Duncan Business Improvement Area Society (DBIA) supports a membership community by providing diverse resources while promoting downtown Duncan businesses through visionary leadership. They develop programs and projects which will increase the vibrancy and sense of community of downtown Duncan. Contact themat 250-715-1700, visit them at #203-111 Station Street in Duncan, or online atwww.downtownduncan.ca.


Corcoran Consulting Inc.

For over 22 years, Corcoran Consulting Inc. has been assisting real estate and mortgage professionals throughout North America as they transform their business and personal lives. Through Performance Coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into your existing practice, you can achieve remarkable results in just a few months.Contact themat 1-800-957-8353 or visit them online atwww.corcorancoaching.com.

Fortner Fine Art

Fortner Fine art advises owners, trustees, and those acting for them, the best market for their fine art. Whether you are buying or selling they will guide you through the complex market place and enable you to make informed decisions. Contact themat 1-866-479-6413 or visit them online atwww.fortnerfineart.com.

Hooper Access and Privacy Consulting Ltd.

Hooper Consulting has specialized in the information access and privacy field for over 20 years. They provide consulting services for both the private and public sectors, specializing in all facets of the privacy and information access including privacy compliance, privacy breach investigation and remediation, access request processing, development and delivery of related online training programs, and privacy policy development and implementation. Contact themat 250-595-3180, visit them on the 3rd Floor at 848 Courtney Street in Victoria, or online atwww.hooperconsulting.ca.

IC Possibilities Incorporated

IC Possibilities specializes in creative planning dialogues, relational leadership, effective teamwork training, conflict resolution, facilitation training and public consultation. For over 10 years they have helped organizations develop a shared common purpose and goals. Contact them at 250-858-4094, or visit them online at www.icpossibilities.com.

R.E.Boost Systems

R.E.Boost Systems™ is an affordable business-building and coaching program through a connected online community for today's real estate agent. With R.E.Boost™ you can become part of a proven, systematic online coaching program that works. You get a massive amount of proven business systems, strategies, scripts, materials, plus webinars, group coaching sessions and an online community full of experts and fellow peers for pennies on the dollar!Contact themonline atwww.reboostsystems.com.

Rock Solid Leadership

Looking for a different style of support for dealing with crisis, transition, loss or leadership? If so, check out Suzanne Simcox of Rock Solid Leadership. Suzanne's unique training supports people in cultivating personal success with both logic and heart. She is a highly trained and intuitive coach who supports people in making conscious changes in their lives using both logic and heart coaching methods. She creates personalized leading edge programs that help individuals and businesses take the necessary action to transform their lives and businesses. Contact her online atwww.suzannesimcox.com.


Maccrim Solutions

MACCRIM Solutions Marketing Systems is a tactically focused strategic driver of collaborative customer sales acquisitions. We provide exemplary service to our clients with passion, expertise and integrity through innovative thinking and effective communications. Our ultimate goal: Profitable sales and client care. The company core values are to convey information that reflects truth and transparency; is fair to all concerned; that will build good will and friendship, and is mutually beneficial to all concerned. Contact them at 250-886-9132 or visit them online atwww.maccrimsolutions.com.

Nash MultiMedia Inc.

Nash MultiMedia Inc. helps promote your business through a variety of online directories to help guide more visitors to your website. Their family of web sites have been designed to give their members the best possible exposure through effective web site advertising and all the benefits of Internet marketing by reaching many people in many places and still be affordable for even small businesses. Contact them at 1-877-477-7970 or visit them online atwww.nashmedia.net.


Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission

The Vancouver Island South Film and Media Commission is a non-profit organization and was established in 1984. Its purpose is to market and promote the locations, skills and creativity inherent in Victoria and Vancouver Island to the global film industry. Contact themat 1-888-537-3456 or 250-386-3976, visit them on the 2nd Floor at 514 Government Street in Victoria, or online atwww.filmvictoria.com.


FX Connectors

FX Connectors is a Canadian company based in Victoria with offices in Vancouver and serving clients across Canada and the United States. They take pride in saving customers substantial amounts of time and money on their foreign exchange transactions. With rates at 1-2% better than banks they have been a top provider of wholesale and retail rates to organizations and individuals for over 14 years. Contact them at 250-380-7888, visit them in Victoria or Vancouver, or online at www.currencywholesale.com.

Life Wealth Management

LIFELife Wealth Management is about people and their financial well-being. Wealth is not about what you have - it's about how money helps you achieve your aspirations for all phases of your life, it's about controlling what you can and protecting yourself from what you can't. At L.I.F.E. they take the time to understand what is important to you and your family and develop your life plan with strategies and solutions that are designed to take you through the phases of life - Growth, Pre-Retired, Retired and Wealth Transfer. Contact them at 250-412-3404, visit them at #210-730 View Street in Victoria, or online atwww.lifewealthmanagement.ca.

Palmer Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants

palmer-lesliePalmer Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants is a full service accounting firm based in the Cowichan Region. At Palmer Leslie they offer a diverse set of skills to assist you with your accounting needs, so they can help you no matter who you are or what your needs. Contact them at 1-800-818-5703, visit them at #301-394 Duncan Street in Duncan or #101-626 First Avenue in Ladysmith, or online atwww.palmerleslie.ca.


Airey Insurance Benefits

airey-insuranceAirey Insurance Benefits represents major Life Insurance Companies across Canada. Owner, Shelia Airey, provides individual and business owner insurance including individual investments and business employee benefits. Contact herat 778-440-6516, visit her at #302-4400 Chatterton Way in Victoria, or online at www.aireyinsurance.ca.

Coast Mountain Benefits

coast-mountainCoast Mountain Benefits Inc. provides Private Health Services Plans (PHSP's) for Canadian businesses. PHSP's can save individuals up to 75% on medical, dental and vision care expenses. The company is owned and operated by a Chartered Professional Accountant/Chartered Accountant and a tax expert in the area of PHSP's. They have the expertise to ensure that your plan is structured and administered in accordance with the latest CRA legislation, rulings and case law. Contact themat 250-590-5747, visit them at #103-1581H Hillside Avenue in Victoria, or online atwww.coastmountainbenefits.ca.


Finkelstein and Associates

Finkelstein and Associates have been engaged in the practice of law in the Comox Valley since 1997 with a focus on real estate, including refinance, mortgages and sales as well as the drawing of wills, probate of estates, and related litigation. Contact them at 1-888-897-8855, visit them at 211C-750 Comox Road in Courtenay, or online at www.tomslaw.ca.

Linda Slang

Linda Slang has been practicing family law in the Cowichan Valley since 2005. Knowing what your rights and obligations are is important when faced with making decisions impacting your future and the future of your family. Linda is dedicated to helping guide you through the family law process by providing you with the information and options you need to make informed decisions. Contact her at 250-597-0998, visit her at 351 Festubert Street in Duncan, or online at www.lindaslang.com.

Mullin DeMeo Barristers and Solicitors

Mullin DeMeo Barristers and Solicitors maintains one of the busiest real estate law practices in British Columbia. Every year Mullin DeMeo processes more real estate transactions than any other firm in the Victoria area. Their firm also provides services in the area of development and construction law, corporate and commercial transactions, trademarks and copyright, and some family law matters. Contact them at 250-477-3327, visit them at 1626 Garnet Road in Victoria, or online at www.realestatelawvictoria.com.

Sarah L. Klinger

Sarah Klinger is an experienced lawyer offering personal and practical solutions for personal injury, employment law and estate litigation matters. Visit her website for more information on each of these areas of law, and tips on when you may need legal advice. Contact her at 250-388-4075 (ext. 223), visit her at #201-919 Fort Street in Victoria, or online at www.slklaw.ca.

Real Estate

Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB)

VREBThe Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) is an association of Victoria, BC area REALTORS®. VREB was founded in 1921 and since that time has been a key player in the development of standards and innovative programs aimed at enhancing the professionalism and community standing of REALTORS®. The Victoria Real Estate Board helps make good REALTORS® better. Contact them at 250-385-7766, visit them at 3035 Nanaimo Street in Victoria, or online at www.vreb.org.

West Shore Developers Association (WSDA)

The West Shore Developers Association (WSDA) is a group of land developers, consulting engineers, builders and contractors who focus their business in Langford. The organization was formed in 2005 with the goal of creating a united group of companies involved in the land development industry in Langford that would promote responsible development, while providing a forum for development related issues in the West Shore. The WSDA has a vested interest in ensuring that it is sensitive to the future neighbourhoods of Langford. To this end, in cooperation with the City of Langford, the WSDA works extensively on various committees on topics such as Affordable Housing, Development Standards, Development Affordability, Economic Development and more. Contact them online at www.westshoredevelopers.ca.


Accent Inns

Accent-InnsAfter hours of long meetings or days on the road, there is nothing like being able to relax, feel at home and be surrounded by all the amenities you've come to expect without unnecessary or hidden costs. Based on that expectation, Accent Inns collection of comfortable and affordable hotels is the perfect fit you're looking for. Contact them at 1-800-663-0298, visit them in Victoria, Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna or Kamloops, or online atwww.accentinns.com.

Property Management

Brown Bros.

Brown-BrosBrown Bros. has provided solid, reliable service in meeting the insurance and property management needs of Victorians. For over nine decades, Brown Bros. has managed to win and maintain the trust of generations of Victorians when they require assistance with insurance and property management. Contact them at 250-385-8771, visit them at 1125 Blanshard Street in Victoria, or online at www.brownbros.com.

Pemberton Holmes Property Management

PHPMPemberton Holmes Property Management keeps pace with both the growth in the capital area, the changing needs of property owners, and today's technology. They have a proven track record in maintaining properties to increase their long-term value, while ensuring their efficiency on a day-to-day basis. Contact Gail McClymont for Commercial Management or contact Claire Flewelling-Wyatt for Residential Management at at 250-478-9141, visit them online at www.phpm.ca.

Richmond Property Group (RPG)

RPGRichmond Property Group Ltd. is a locally owned and operated commercial property & strata management company located in Victoria BC, serving Greater Victoria, Sidney, Sooke, Southern Vancouver Island & Salt Spring Island. RPG Ltd. specializes in: commercial property management (office, retail & industrial), strata management (residential, commercial, mixed use, bare land & sections), property maintenance and facilities management. Their experienced team of licensed managers and professional staff can provide customized management, maintenance & financial reporting for your commercial real estate investment or strata corporation. Contact them at 250-388-9920, visit them at #201-1537 Hillside Avenue in Victoria, or online atwww.richmondproperty.ca.

South Island Property Management (SIPM)

SIPMSIPM is an independently owned and operated full service property management company located in Victoria. By consistently providing quality customer service in every facet of their business, they are proud of the reputation they have achieved as a trusted name in Victoria for over 30 years. Contact them at 250-595-6680, visit them at 2045 Cadboro Bay Road in Victoria, or online at www.sipmltd.com.

Road Safety

Intelligent Traffic Equipment Marketing Ltd. (ITEM)

LaneLightSince 2000 Victoria BC based LaneLight / ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives in the US and Canada with their LaneLight LED Enhanced flashing crosswalk warning systems that dramatically enhance the visibility of mid-block crosswalks. In keeping with the times they've also recently added bike lane safety systems, turn lane visibility systems, and wrong way warning systems to their product offering. Contact them at 1-866-466-4836, visit them at #16-755 Vanalman Avenue in Victoria, or online at www.itemltd.com.

Tran Sign 1999 Ltd.

Tran Sign has been making traffic signs for over 50 years. It is what they do the very best and they continue to get even better at it every year. Hand-in-hand with the best uniform traffic signs are Tran Sign's road and safety products. Hand-built barricades and all the necessary products you need on-hand, in-stock all the time. All of their products meet and exceed WCB, MOTH and MUTCD guidelines and can be easily customized with your company name and logo. Contact them at 1-800-663-7157, visit them at 2920 Jacklin Road in Victoria, or online atwww.transign.com.

IT Services

NIS Business Technology Solutions

NISNIS is a Victoria, BC based IT company specializing in support for small and medium sized businesses. They maintain a mobile office, so they are able to perform most maintenance and support on site while also offering quick remote access for troubleshooting. Contact them at 250-516-4151 or visit them online at www.nisvictoria.com.

Promotional Items & Printing

CopyCat Printing

CopyCat Printing provides more than just printing and photocopying services. They also provide photo restoration, fax services, wide format & oversized printing and resume consultation services. Contact them at 250-701 -0582, visit them at #7-5777 Trans-Canada Highway in Duncan, or online at www.islandcopycat.com.

Hospitality West

Hospitality West is a division of Island Business Print Group Ltd. They can supply you with a wide range of products and services to completely satisfy your printing and promotional needs. Their family of creative pros will listen carefully to all your needs and your vision for your brand, they will work within your budget, and will deliver a product to put your brand centre stage. Contact them at 250-386-2522 or visit them online at www.hotelprint.com.

Just Sew Custom Embroidery

Just Sew provides custom embroidery services for your team and business apparel and advertising. They carry high quality goods from leading garment suppliers including jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sports bags, aprons, blankets and more! Contact them at 250-748-0708, visit them at 3430 Glenora Road in Duncan, or online at www.justsew.ca.

Leisure Products

Leisure Products Canada is a Canadian manufacturer of unique and specialty products for retail stores. They have been in business since 1997 working with businesses across North America in providing high quality products. They are developing new products such the new AL deck railing system for the building industry as well as many new products for the garden, and agricultural industry. Contact them at 1-866-377-0638 or visit them online atwww.leisureproductscanada.com.

Mark's Instant Sign Shop

Mark's Instant Sign Shop Ltd. in provides effective high quality sign and graphic solutions. From custom sign design and production to sign installations, you get great value from their vibrant full colour signs, banners, decals and labels. Contact them at 250-746-0120, visit them at 750 Jubilee Street in Duncan, or online at www.marksinstantsignshop.com.

Mid Island Ink Depot

Mid-Island Ink Depot is owned and operated by Chris & Leigh Davies and based from their home on Cowichan Lake Road, Duncan. They provide the lowest prices for printers ink and toner cartridges and the highest level of customer service for the Cowichan Valley. Delivery is free to all areas. Contact them at 250-732-6955, visit them at 4404 Cowichan Lake Road in Duncan, or online at www.inkdepot.ca.

MVP Crest and Trophy

If you are looking for quality awards, engravings, promotional items, anniversary gifts and team or company apparel MVP Crest and Trophy has what you are looking for. MVP Crest and Trophy has been providing quality engraving to the west coast for over 30 years. From trophy cups to fuse box plaques and more, MVP Crest and Trophy can engrave it custom for you. Contact them at 250-656-6166 or visit them online at www.mymvp.ca.

Food & Drink

Certiva Food Brokers Inc.

Certiva Food Brokers Inc. is a Vancouver Island based food and meat distributor. They have been in operation since 1980, providing quality BC processed meat and food products. They specialize in providing cutting edge healthy, agriculturally sustainable Canadian products. Contact them at 1-800-667-2203 or visit them online at www.certivafoods.com.

Marram Wines

Marram-WinesMarram Wines is an industry leader in the distribution and brand management of exceptionally high quality wines & hand crafted spirits from across the globe. They deliver exceptional customer service by distinguishing themselves as an innovative and responsive company always embracing the ever changing market. With Marram Wines they develop professional relationships with both their suppliers and customers alike, to benefit all parties to the fullest. Contact them at 403-998-9463 or 604-789-7569 or visit them online at www.marramwines.com.


One Hour Cleaning

With 30 years of experience, One Hour Cleaners are experts in dry cleaning and wet cleaning garments that cannot be dry-cleaned. You can feel safe when bringing even your most delicate clothing to their professionally-trained staff, which inspects every garment to ensure that quality is never compromised. Contact them at 250-384-4626, visit them at 1314 Quadra Street in Victoria, or online at www.victoriadrycleaning.com.

Other Services

Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd.

Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. creates quality cemetery headstones, grave markers, monuments and custom granite signs. All of their monuments are created using granite of the finest quality. While based in Victoria they supply monumental stone and bronze work for the entire province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Contact them at 250-383-6421, visit them at 709 Kings Road in Victoria, or online at www.mortimersmonuments.com.

Smart Net Systems Ltd.

Smart-Net-SystemsSmart Net Systems provides netting products for all industries, no matter how unique or individual their needs. Netting systems for application in agriculture, aquaculture, oil & industrial, sports, marine and more are all available. Smart Net Systems does more than just sell netting. They provide many years of professional technological expertise and knowledge in netting dynamics, gained through hands-on experience. They have gained great insight into the problem-solving, providing solutions, and technical support needed to suit the different requirements for their customers. Contact them at 250-890-0841, visit them at 530 Kinnikinik Way in Comox, or online atwww.smart-net-systems.com.

If you use any of the services above, let us know about your experience, and leave a review on any social media you use. Want to be featured in a future newsletter? Contact us to find out how!

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