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Taking to the high seas on a photoshoot

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can catching drone at sea

Here at Radar Hill we are constantly working on upgrading the online presence for many of our clients with professional writing, photography, and video when the opportunity presents itself. In this case it was 3 Hour Sail, a tour operator that takes large and small groups out on the water in their heritage sailing vessel, The Duen. Radar Hill organized our photographer Jesse Holland and drone videographer Max McCulloch to join us on board with the rest of our staff to “fill up the boat” for their photo shoot. Covid has limited gatherings for over a year now, so we took this opportunity to get our crew together out in the weather and have a bit of fun.

videographer sitting on ship

The big day was scheduled, and we crossed our fingers for good weather. We hoped for some pretty specific weather: fine breezes, slight overcast and calm ocean would allow The Duen to put up full sail, but not so strong as to blow away our poor drone pilot’s gear. We were blessed with a perfect day.

While Dan, Jesse and Max worked on visuals and audio for the website, the rest of the Radar Hill gang hung out on a boat and ate cookies. The Duen also took on some customers from Mill Bay who had been anxious to sail for several years. It was a birthday cruise for one of their group and he spent most of the time behind the ship’s wheel with a smile on his face.

The shoot was a complete success, the weather was perfect, and the crew of The Duen was also on their game, hoisting every bit of sail they had, turning this way and that for the photographs.

Lots of smiles, lots of fun!