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Boss' Day: Our Staff

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At Radar Hill we only hire the best, and how we hire and treat our staff is reflected in how we treat our customers, our clients.

October 16th was Boss's Day, and that was acknowledged here at Radar Hill as well, as the staff all signed a card, and added some nice thoughts, for the owners. It is humbling to receive something like that. We have excellent staff here at Radar Hill. You can read their brief bios and learn more about Radar Hill, but there is more.

Hiring: We only hire the best. Here, that is not a cliché. We put applicants through a very rigorous process of interviews, skills testing, and portfolio reviews, and take the best. We don't rush to hire. We don't believe in hiring for a project, then firing, or 'laying off' when the project is done. We hire for the long term. We refuse to have a 'revolving door' of staff.

Permanence: We believe in hiring permanent, full-time people. We have a disdain for companies that hire mainly low-wage part-time people, as is common in the service industries. As we view it, they have part-time lives, are part-time residents. They cannot truly set down roots anywhere, because as easily as they were hired, they can be fired. One goal at Radar Hill is home ownership, for all the staff. To date, there have been six purchases of property by our staff. We are as delighted as our staff when they purchase.

Respect: We believe in treating our staff with respect, allowing them the freedom to form their own opinions, express themselves, and influence decisions that are made here. Our staff keeps up with trends and developments in their fields, via listserves, podcasts, blogs, magazines, courses etc.

Environment: We provide a great work environment and a range of benefits. We occupy the entire top floor of our building, with decks all around, and amazing views of Greater Victoria. Our office is spacious. We don't believe in cubicles, and we don't lock our techs in the basement, either. We had a case study done on us by a branch of the provincial government, Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia. It involved a detailed email outlining life at Radar Hill, an in-depth questionnaire, and lengthy telephone interviews. Unfortunately after the draft was prepared, the program was put on hold, and the case study sits in limbo, still in the draft stage.

How we hire and treat our staff is reflected in how we treat our customers, our clients.

Consistency: We have been in business for thirteen and-a-half years. Because we refuse to have a 'revolving door' of staff, our clients can be sure of dealing with the same staff. There is no need for our clients to re-educate 'the new guy' every time. We hear horror stories of people dealing with other web companies who deal with a new customer service rep every single time, because the old ones have 'moved on'. That is not the way we operate here. This lets our staff build up a history with our clientele, of their personalities, likes, dislikes, hobbies, backgrounds etc. and allows us be a fertile source for referrals.

Honesty: Because we have a solid grounding in our communities, business, and in the online world, when people come to us with their ideas we can give them honest, matter-of-fact advice for what will work for them, to help them meet their goals. We don't sell people 'the newest thing' just to benefit ourselves.

But don't take my word for it, come see for yourself. Come by our office for a tour and meet the staff.