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How To Take Care Of Text Message Spam

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Examples of text message spam

Lately it seems that more and more spam is being sent out — not just to email addresses, but to mobile phones as well. The last few days have seen a huge increase in reports of text message spam coming from the number 999-999-9999.

If Telus is your mobile provider and you've been receiving them, you can report the messages by forwarding them to the number 7726. The number for Telus may change depending on the type of spam being reported, but if you text them they'll be sure to let you know where it needs to go!

If you're with another phone provider and are receiving large amounts of spam, be sure to contact them to find out how their reporting system works and what you need to do. Alternatively, you can adjust your message settings (be careful as they can block legitimate contacts if set incorrectly), or install an app like Truecaller that uses crowdsourcing to identify sources of phone or text message spam.

Last of all, remember to never respond to a spam text, even to request that you be taken off their list. It only confirms to the spammers that a person exists at your phone number, which will just make them try harder.

Happy texting!