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Home Renovations: Featured Businesses

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We’ve all come to understand the importance of a home that feels like one — a space you can relax into and enjoy. In that spirit, this featured business newsletter spotlights businesses that can help transform your home into a haven.

We’ve highlighted a wide range of businesses here, including painters, decorators, cleaners, and landscapers, to make your home the best it can be.

Interior Updates


Award-winning design isn’t just about skill and technique, it’s about artistry, passion, vision, and being in touch with the aesthetic demands and desires of the space and your client. Spaciz understands this, which is why since their inception in 1993 they’ve gone on to become a highly acclaimed and in-demand design team.

If you want something unique, something that will make your space stand out, Spaciz can deliver that for you. They specialize in distinctive designs for both commercial and residential clients throughout Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Don’t settle for run of the mill, to begin your design journey visit

Island Mediquip

As we get older, our needs change, and so do our requirements for what we need in order to make sure our homes are accessible and comfortable places to live. Island Mediquip provides a wide range of mobility aids and fixtures that will help make your home comfortable while you adjust. 

Island Mediquip has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality home medical equipment, mobility equipment, and repairs across Vancouver Island. Working closely with health care providers, their goal is to make sure their clients are fitted with the correct medical equipment based on their needs and budget. 

For further details, go to

Gary Interiors

Each window and room is unique. Don’t settle for just a generic blind  - consider a custom shade, drapery or shutter, that will be both functional and a beautiful addition to the room.

Gary Interiors will ask the right questions, to make sure you find a treatment that works, and that you'll enjoy using every day.  They have been supplying custom window coverings in the Cowichan Valley area since 1986.  Their prices are competitive, installation is professional and contract pricing for 10 or more windows.

They ensure that the whole process is as personable and efficient as possible, all while providing you with an affordable and professional service.

To find out more, visit

Premier Closets

As we’re all looking forward to being able to head out regularly once again, I’m sure we’re all desperately searching our closets, trying to figure out where we left that one amazing outfit and wondering just how we ever kept any of this organized! Well, with a well-designed closet from Premier Closets, you can make sure you always know how to find what you want to wear with ease and comfort. 

Premier Closets have been making their customers’ lives more organized (and their homes better) since 1993. Making sure each of the closets they provide is meticulously designed with the customer’s space and needs in mind.

To find out more, and get the closet you need, visit

Renovations & Roofing

Top Pair Roofing

When it comes to renovating your roof, you need the peace of mind and the security that comes from knowing it’s being handled by people you can trust. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Top Pair Roofing. 

Top Pair Roofing is a locally owned and operated company with over 23 years of combined experience. Priding themselves on using superior materials to ensure that your family stays warm and dry.

For more information, visit

CAPAX Roofing & Contracting

Everyone needs a roof over their head and wants the security of knowing it was handled by professionals who have a reputation for quality work. CAPAX  Roofing & Contracting will take care of all your roofing projects, no matter what the circumstances, residential or commercial, large or small.

Providing services throughout from Nanaimo to Greater Victoria, CAPAX offers more than just roofing. They also specialize in construction services, bin rentals, and hauling services. All of which comes with the CAPAX promise of honesty, reliability, professionalism, and competitive pricing.

Fully insured, in strong standing with the WCB and with a tremendous professional reputation, CAPAX is a name you can trust. To find out more, go to

Cat's Eye Contracting

Renovating your home should be about what fits you, and preserving the identity, style, and character you want to live in, all while keeping your home comfortable and livable. That’s why you need a contractor that puts you first.

All of the work done by Cat’s Eye Contracting begins with their ethos of customer-driven work. Providing affordability, flexibility, and exceptional quality, they specialize in excavating, residential, and small commercial construction.

If you want to renovate your home on your terms, creating something new while preserving what you want, then visit

Davies Contracting

When it comes to contracting, there is no substitute for experience. As a customer, you want to know that they can handle the job with professionalism and the expertise to deal with any eventuality.

Locally owned and operated, Davies Contracting Ltd has been serving Greater Victoria for over 30 years, providing services for a wide range of jobs, including concrete finishing, excavation and hauling, drain installations and repairs, landscaping, and much more.

Liability insured and WorkSafeBC certified, you can count on them for professionalism, efficiency, reliability and affordability. To find out more, or to request a free estimate visit

Honey-do List Guys

The hardest part of any to-do list isn’t making the list. It’s finding the time and energy to get the whole thing done. Thankfully, the Honey-do List Guys are here to take care of the hard part for you.

Honey-Do is a handyman service dealing with residential, commercial, and strata properties. Operating within Victoria, they have over 25 years of experience, and all the skills to take on any task, including carpentry, window cleaning, yard and lawn care, building repairs, flooring and tile work, electrical upgrades, and painting.

To find out more, visit


Renovating your home to make it more accessible can feel like navigating a minefield. With no shortage of companies offering solutions, but very few offering clarity, this is where Ease-Ability is different. 

Easy-Ability offer impartial and practical advice on how to ensure accessibility and ease of movement, especially if you require disability access.

They’re also here to help you plan for the future, to make sure you can continue to grow, and grow old, in the home that you love. To find out how Ease-Ability can help assist you with your renovation, visit


S&I Hardwood Floors

A great-looking floor can be the missing piece that will bring a room together, helping you renovate any room into something perfect that you will truly enjoy spending time in. 

S&I Hardwood Floors offer the kind of quality and finish that will give you a floor to be proud of - one that will look good, feel good, and bring value and quality to your residential space.

They provide unmatched quality and knowledge when it comes to installations and refinishing, offering eco-friendly products and dustless sanding, with a wide-ranging portfolio of quality work and projects.

To find out more about what they offer, visit

A1 Carpet Care

Father and son owned and operated A1 Carpet Care offer the traditional values and commitment to customer service of a small business alongside unrivalled skill,  quality, and professionalism.

They’ve been delivering this high level of service to customers in Greater Victoria since 1981, from cleaning carpets to upholstery and area rugs. All of their services are affordable and delivered with the customer in mind, which is why they use only quick drying and environmentally friendly products.

As career IICRC Certified Technicians, A1 carpet care can be counted on to deliver every time. For more information on how they can help make your home pristine, visit


Arzoz Painting

A fresh coat of paint, or even a new colour scheme or aesthetic, can completely change the dynamic of a house, transforming it into something that looks good, and brightens up the days of anyone who lives there.

Arzoz Painting are specialists in repainting, offering a high-quality service and customer experience to clients throughout the Cowichan Valley. For repaints and interiors, Arzoz offers a highly specialized service that puts emphasis on detail and quality.

With a meticulous eye for detail and utilizing only the highest quality materials, Arzoz works with their clients to ensure everything runs smoothly, resulting in an efficient process with an excellent outcome. To find out more about how Arzoz can brighten your home life, get a detailed free estimate by visiting

Black Sheep Painting

If you want to add something extra to your home, a decorative touch that can make it really stand out. One of the most affordable, and hassle-free options, is to freshen things up with a new coat of paint. And, you want to make sure you get a professional finish from people who understand what it takes to make a room look great.

Family-owned and operated, Black Sheep Painting has been servicing homeowners in the Cowichan Valley since 2006. Providing high-quality work no matter what the job, whether it’s a single room or a whole building, commercial or residential, you can count on them having everything taken care of with skill and care.

They make sure to take care of every detail, from preparing the surfaces, to offering you a wide selection of styles and an astounding finish, all using only the best materials and tools. To book a session or get your free quote, visit

CanTex Painting

When it comes to the higher end of the property market, it’s the finer details that make a property stand out, and appeal to the right clientele. Having forged a reputation working alongside some of Victoria’s finest contractors and tradesmen, CanTex has proven its worth when it comes to fine detail and high-end paint finishes.

CanTex offers meticulous attention to detail, and an eye for aesthetics that makes their finishes stand apart, leaving you with a truly superior paint job. This professionalism extends to their customer services, with an emphasis on cleanliness and efficiency.

If you’re looking for something that will make a home stand out, then visit

Plumbing and Water Services

Gerrits Services Ltd

There are many things you can do yourself to renovate your home and make it shine — but plumbing and gas fitting isn’t one of them! For that, you need to call in experts, people who specialize in understanding their trade and providing a safe, reliable, professional service. 

Based in the Cowichan Valley and serving southern Vancouver Island, Gerrits Services offers twenty-five years of experience planning, installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing, piping and mechanical systems.

To get a quote visit

Veridis Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

If you are looking to install new energy efficient gas heating appliances, start a bathroom renovation or maybe just have someone fix that leaking toilet, you will need to bring in the experts!  Give Veridis Plumbing and Heating a call and let them help you pick out the right products for your project.  No matter the size of the job, they have you covered.      

Veridis is a family-owned and operated business that can be counted on to provide exceptional service starting with a friendly greeting from your first call straight through to a knowledgeable appointment with one of their red seal certified tradesmen.

To find out more about the services they offer, visit

BC Aquifer 

Staying hydrated is important — especially if you’re going to spend more time at home this spring and summer. Equally important, ensuring your home is supplied with clean and safe water, and that’s exactly what BC Aquifer can ensure. 

Founded in 1974, BC Aquifer is the longest-serving and number one solution for pump system design, installation and water treatment. They are committed to ensuring the safety and drinkability of your water supply, and are capable of diagnosing and providing solutions for all of the problems that commonly disrupt well water systems. 

Get a quote for your water at


Patriot Electric

If your home renovation project requires electrical work then you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your electrical wiring and other work is being looked after by trusted professions. 

Patriot Electric is the respected choice of some of BC’s most reputable builders, designers, and local authorities, with a reputation for excellence, personability, professionalism, and integrity.

They specialize in providing the highest quality of work and customer care across a wide range of areas, including electrical design layout & installation, CCTV sales, project coordination, audio system design, and ‘Smart Home’ technology. 

To find out how they can help you visit

H.B. Electric

Electricity is essential to nearly everything we do at home — which is why you need to make sure you can count on yours to be reliable! 

H.B Electric has the expertise and skill to ensure that your home is wired to run smoothly. With a track record of providing reliable and professional services across the  Cowichan Valley since 1979, you know you can count on them. 

To find out more, visit

Landscapers & Exterior Maintenance 

Onsight Tree Services

Making the most of the natural beauty that surrounds your property is all about careful maintenance and treatment. Whether you want to prune the trees around your home, or clear space for an extension, it’s important to look after the world around you. 

Onsight Tree Services are fully qualified tree fallers and arborists, led by the knowledge and experience of owner and operator Martin Bilina. Martin’s extensive experience, knowledge, and understanding of trees and their health allows Onsight Tree Services to provide solutions that don’t just work for you, but also maintain the balance and beauty of nature.

To find out more, or to make your booking, visit

Peninsula Landscape Supplies

Your garden is one of the most important parts of your home — but not all of us are gifted when it comes to understanding plants and landscaping! If that describes you, then don’t worry, you can call on the experts at Peninsula Landscape Supplies to help with all of your landscaping needs and supplies. 

Peninsula Landscape Supplies is your go-to destination for finding all of the materials you need for your landscaping project, including soil mixes, mulches, composts, aggregates, and ornamental slate. At their Sidney location, you can also find grass seed, fertilizer, garden tools, and a large assortment of garden ornaments. 

If you’re unsure of what you need, then the Peninsula staff will be more than happy to lend their ear and expertise, advising you on the best products and approaches. To get the products and services you need for your next project, visit

O'Dell Slinger

Do you have rocks, soil, bark or other small debris that needs moving during your construction or renovation project? Usually, this would involve a burden of time, cost and labour, not to mention an expensive piece of machinery like a bobcat or excavator.

With O’Dell Slinger, that problem can become a thing of the past. Their ingenious Slinger Service uses a conveyor belt to quite literally sling the material to where you need it to go.

No matter what the job, they can find a solution, with trucks that can access steep slopes and send material over obstacles or barriers. They offer competitive pricing for both contractors and homeowners. To work out the logistics of your project use the handy calculator on their website

Stone Taffy Design

If you’re renovating your home, you want something that will really stand out. A statement piece that will elevate the space, make a statement about your home, and give you something attractive to look at and liven up your home. A stone design or installation is a great way to achieve this by adding a distinctive aesthetic edge. 

Stone Taffy Design can do just that, with skill and expertise. They specialize in the custom design and installation of paving stones, brick pavers & precast concrete throughout Greater Victoria. To find out more visit

Peninsula Lawns and Landscapes

Just like your home, your lawn needs to be cared for and maintained, transformed into something that’s more than just a garden. To make that happen you need Peninsula Lawns and Landscapes, proudly serving as Victoria’s lawn care experts since 2004.  

Offering superior service at an affordable price, their reputation for professional service and high quality is unmatched. They offer a wide range of lawn care services, including shrub and tree pruning, aeration, topdressing, spring and fall cleanups and much more.

To see the full list of services and find out how they can help you, visit

Cleaning Services

Armstrong Cleaning & Maintenance

A clean home isn’t just a pretty sight, it’s something that will put your mind at ease and allow you to live in comfort. To make sure this happens, you need regularly scheduled maintenance that covers the whole house.

Armstrong Cleaning and Maintenance have been providing professional and courteous cleaning services to the Cowichan Valley for over 16 years, delivering high-quality results time after time.

They use the very best technology and highly qualified operators to clean the exterior of your house. To give it that extra sheen, they also offer pressure washing for driveways, patios, and sidewalks, as well as house scrubbing to brighten up your home.

To make sure your home is looking its best, visit

Ocean Pacific Media Blasting

British Columbia is famed for its forests and scenery, offering spectacular views and a truly unique rustic aesthetic. In line with that, a log home can be a spectacular way of blending the modern and the pastoral. But, you also need to make sure your log cabin or home is in the best condition it can be. 

Ocean Pacific Media Blasting are experts in log home restorations with over two decade’s worth of experience. They can restore log homes in any environment, as well as being trained and certified in reapplying all types of coatings and insecticides for long-lasting protection against the elements. 

For further details, go to

South Island Remediation

If you’re renovating — or if you simply have an older property — it’s vital that you make sure there are no hazards or materials that could affect your health. 

South Island Remediation has built their brand on trust, integrity, and always putting their customers' needs first. This is why so many of their customers keep coming back, for a service they can depend on.

They can take care of all your needs when it comes to cleaning and the removal of hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead paint, mould, and biohazard.

To find out more visit

One Hour Cleaners

There are some things that household cleaning just can’t manage. Whether it’s that bulky one-off item such as a duvet or curtain, or something too important, like a wedding dress or a suit. One Hour Cleaners have the knowledge and the expertise to take care of it for you.

They are experts in dry cleaning and wet cleaning clothes, producing a ‘like-new’ finish that will have you scarcely believing your eyes. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust One Hour Cleaners to take good care of your clothes and provide a service you can count on.

To find out more, visit

Perfectly Clear

Not every home renovation task is about style and glamour — after all, the key to a good-looking home that will be comfortable to live in is having a clean home. This is why the unglamorous job of cleaning out your gutters really does matter. 

Perfectly Clear clean all their gutters by hand, ensuring the area is clear and that all the pipes are flowing properly. They will also clear away your roof valley, or offer an estimate for a full roof cleaning.

To have your gutters cleaned the right way, visit

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