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Nothing is more important than making sure your body and mind are in the best shape they can be. This could mean staying healthy and active, taking a course to learn some new skills and further your education, or getting an overdue checkup. All of our featured businesses in this newsletter can help you achieve just that. 

If you use any of the services below, let us know! And if you want to be featured in a future newsletter, just get in touch.


Carlson’s Dance
At Carlson’s Dance Studio they firmly believe that everyone — no matter what age or ability — should have the opportunity to dance. This is why all of their classes are run by professionally trained teachers who have a genuine passion for the form, and a commitment to fostering an atmosphere of comfort and inclusivity.

Dance isn’t just a fun and uplifting art form, it also helps to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, and discipline. To enroll today, visit

Gina Sinclair Davis
As a freelance choreographer, teacher, and adjudicator, Gina Sinclair Davis is able to share her passion for ballet and theatre with others. Her work has seen her receive widespread acclaim, including awards for her outstanding choreography, as well as awards and nominations in recognition of her long and successful association with the Royal Academy, and for her outstanding work within the Arts Community. For more information visit 

Westshore Dance Studio
If you have the desire to get out there and start dancing, then Westshore Dance Studio is the place for you. They’re a professional dance school offering a high level of instruction and training to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Westshore offers instruction in a wide range of dance styles, as well as providing examinations in the Royal Academy of Dance for ballet, and the Association of International Dance Teachers for modern jazz and tap. For further details see


BC Colleges
Made up of 10 colleges with over 125,000 students across 60 communities in the BC area, BC Colleges helps to provide essential support, resources, and programs designed to aid a wide range of students in pursuit of further education and employment.

Working closely with businesses, government, and key stakeholders when it comes to key matters, BC Colleges offer a diverse range of programs including adult education, through to career, technical, trade, university transfer, and applied baccalaureates. For more information visit

International Montessori Academy of Canada
Developed in the 1900s by famed Italian polymath Maria Montessori, the Montessori method is rooted in helping every child unlock their innate potential through an enriched and supportive learning environment that gives them the freedom to discover, explore, and create. 

For more information on how this tradition informs the Montessori Academy in Duncan, you can visit

Ross Bay Preschool
Everything that Ross Bay Preschool sets out to do is with the aim of providing the very best in licensed early childhood programming. Their programs understand the importance of fairness, compassion, and respect, aiming to foster a safe and stimulating environment in which each child is encouraged to learn and play in a manner that acknowledges their unique individuality. 

For more information visit 

Clubs & Outdoors

4-H stands for head, heart, hands, and health, and is an organization dedicated to assisting in the education and personal development of 6-19-year-olds with a long term view.

The programs they offer provide young people with the skills and tools they need to go on to become productive and self-assured adults. For more information visit

Cycle Therapy
Cycling isn’t just a solo affair—it’s a great way for people to come together, get some exercise, and enjoy their hobby in the company of others. This is the core of Cycle Therapy’s Cycling Club, an inclusive club which encourages group cycling activities, organizes and promotes cycling events, and participates in cycling advocacy activities.

For more information visit

Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia
The Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia is a non-profit society committed to upholding the highest standards for professional sea kayak guides and operators in BC.

Since 1994 they’ve been working to ensure an industry-wide level of high standards. For further details go to

Hike Victoria
Victoria has more Natural Beauty than any small city in Canada, maybe even the world! You can experience this by going on a Walking or Hiking Tour with HikeVictoria. Tripadvisor ranks tours with HikeVictoria #1 (of 114 Outdoor Activities) in the Greater Victoria Area.

Come out with Mark, our photographer and long time resident, as he shares with you his favourite vistas and Victoria's hidden gems.  You can book a tour online at


Sawyers Sewing Centre
At Sawyers Sewing Centre they want to make sure that the joys and wonders of sewing are accessible for everyone. Which is why they offer more than just equipment and supplies — they also provide small and fun sewing classes to teach you all you need to know.

For the full list of classes offered, visit

Johnson Sewing Centre 
At Johnson Sewing Centre in Edmonton, they have all your quilting, sewing, and other craft areas covered. Beyond their extensive range of supplies and equipment, they also offer a wide range of classes for people of all skill levels. This includes basic quilting, sewing and quilting clubs, fiber art, paper piercing, and more. 

For the full list of classes, as well as all their sewing, embroidery, and quilting supplies, visit

Victoria Kung Fu Academy
Kung Fu can be a great way for people of all ages and abilities to stay active and stay in shape. At the Victoria Kung Fu Academy, they tailor their curriculum to fit the needs of their students. To find out more, you can visit them online at


iHealthcare Victoria Inc.
iHealthcare Inc is a health and wellness clinic in Victoria that provides “one-stop” natural health care. At their centre, they have a team of experienced health professionals, including chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and fitness classes.

Visit them in person Royal Oak Shopping Centre in Victoria or online at

Valleyview Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy
Chiropractic and massage therapy can be an amazing and non-invasive way of unlocking your body’s natural ability to heal. The Valleyview practitioners are committed to understanding your issues and getting your body back on track. 

To find out more, visit

Pan Health Centre
The Pan Health Centre practices traditional Chinese herbal medicine that draws on established methods and practices. Their goal is a complete and long-term elimination of all current symptoms and susceptibilities.

Visit them online at

Dr Galia Artzy 
If you want to talk to someone who will listen, but not judge, talk to Dr Galia Artzy. She is not only accessible, but has the right qualifications and experience, so you can be vulnerable yet safe with her. She will listen and ask questions to help clarify the issues.

For more information visit

Wendy Bowen
Wendy Bowen is a qualified and experienced physiotherapist, wellness coach, and motivational speaker. Her work combines her expertise in physical therapy with a deep understanding of spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness to help her clients to overcome chronic illness and pain. 

For further details go to

Victoria Skin Cancer
For treating and diagnosing skin cancer nothing is more paramount than early detection — and nothing helps this more than a consultation with Dr. André Erlank (MBChB CCFP). Dr Erlank is a General Practitioner with a specialization in the area of skin cancer - specifically screening and early diagnosis.

If you have a worrying skin lesion or mole or general concerns regarding skin cancer, please see your physician for a referral to Dr. Erlank. To find out more visit them at 3460 Saanich Road in Uptown or go to

Health Information

Coast Mountain Benefits 
Coast Mountain Benefits provide Private Health Services Plans (PHSP's) for Canadian businesses. A PHSP can offer tremendous savings in comparison to employee group plans. With a PHSP there are no premiums and everything is based on a set allowance that means any benefits received are tax free for employees. 

Contact them at 250-590-5747, visit them at #103-1581 Hillside Avenue in Victoria, or for more information

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator
Created by Dr. Anton Rabien, the Cardiovascular Calculator is designed to help adults aged 35 to 75 recognise the early signs and asses their risks of a heart attack or a stroke. Information that you and your doctor can then use to ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle.

For further details go to

Acquired Brain Injury 
Every year there are on average over 22,000 recorded brain injuries in British Columbia. And to compound the worries for these people and their families claims in these cases are often mishandled or delayed by the legal system. Acquired Brain Injury are here to help make sure this doesn’t happen with expert advice and support.

To find out more visit

Aggressive Fire Safety
When it comes to fire safety training is just as important as the equipment itself. This is why   Aggressive Fire Safety offers hands-on fire extinguisher training, fire hose testing, and more. In addition to their certified fire extinguisher service, they offer maintenance, on-site inspections, and installations for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

To find out more visit them at 798 Patrick Drive in Parksville or go to


Roseland Family Dental 
At Roseland Family Dental they are committed to ensuring that all of their patients have a comfortable and positive dental experience. The services they offer include Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Implant Dentistry, Periodontics, Laser Treatments, and Teeth Whitening, as well as a free consult on missing teeth problems. Denture Sufferers Welcome!

Visit them at Suite 101 - 7135 West Saanich Road in Brentwood Bay or go to

Dr. Paul Neate
Dr. Paul Neate is an experienced dentist whose work focuses on providing patients with the highest levels of care and comfort. He makes it his duty to ensure that all of his patients are armed with all the necessary information and aware of all the options available to them. 

For further details go to


Kirby’s Source for Sports
There is no more exciting or rewarding way to stay in shape than sports, but getting the right equipment can be a hassle. Kirby’s Sports is here for all your hockey, baseball, lacrosse, football and soccer equipment and clothing needs. 

Find them in person at 894 Cloverdale Avenue in Victoria or #4 – 1925 Bowen Road in Nanaimo, or visit online at

Island Mediquip
Island Mediquip provides vital medical equipment and supplies to residents across Vancouver Island. They also participate in community events, sponsor local non-profits, and dedicate their resources to helping those who need it most.

If you have any accessibility or medical support needs, visit

MVP Crest and Trophy
Reward your winners with a trophy or promotional item from MVP crest. MVP Crest offers awards, engravings, promotional items, anniversary gifts, and team apparel.  

For further details go to

Sawyer Trampolines
Want to stay in shape but keep things light and fun? Then Sawyer Trampolines has the solution for you. Sawyer Trampolines have been selling top quality trampolines for over 35 years. Good for toddlers to adults, a trampoline is a fun way to be outdoors. 

Get your trampoline today at

Vertical Gardening
A Vertical Organic Garden gives you the ability to grow your own food in an organic and sustainable way. Food that will form the backbone of a healthy and nourishing lifestyle that can help you get the most out of life.

The Vertical Organic Garden has the capability to grow up to 48 individual pots of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in an area of less than 8sq. Ft. For more information visit


Flex Foods
When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, nothing is more important than eating a nutritious and balanced diet. Flex Foods are here to help you do just that — with a range of fresh meals for you to choose from that can be delivered to your door or gym. For a full list of the meals on offer visit

Avant Garde Fitness
Avant Garde Fitness is a private in-home studio in Mill Bay which caters to those aged 50+. With mobile services throughout Duncan, they focus on the core principles of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Offering tailored and small group fitness classes for strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Visit them online at

Wild Goose Qigong 
Qigong is a Chinese health exercise. Through coordinated and gentle movements it helps to balance your internal energy and release ‘negative’ “Qi (energy) whilst gathering fresh healthy Qi to store in the body. Wild Goose offers a carefully curated program that students can then continue on their own. 

For further details see

Retirement Living

Cherish Community Living 
Cherish Community Living offer inclusive and supportive community environments that allow residents to age gracefully and productively. Cherish are innovators when it comes to technology, support, and stimulation in aid of a balanced environment and lifestyle.

Their resort-style communities are renowned for their degree of care, active living, and healthy lifestyle choices. Visit them at 2234 Sooke Road or go to

Legion Manor Victoria 
Living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle means setting yourself up in the ideal environment, one of both relaxation and stimulation. Legion Manor Victoria is a non-profit retirement residence located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula. The residence is open to anyone aged 55 or over and boasts great dining options, exciting activities, and an affordable price. 

Visit them at 7601 East Saanich Road in Victoria or go to