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Whether you’re needing entirely new premises, a little remodelling or tidying, or products to make your business run more smoothly, you can find the services you require in the list below.


Joe Newell Architect 
A successful architectural design has to work on a number of levels: it needs to meet the practical and functional needs of the space, it needs to be aesthetically striking or impressive, and it needs to fit in with the community around it. At Joe Newell, the focus is on providing tailored solutions that provide on all 3 fronts, thanks to their team of architects, technologists, designers, and LEED-accredited professionals. 

To get a quote for your tailored architectural solution, visit www.joenewellarchitect.com

Thermal King Glass 
The hidden value of well-installed windows, doors, skylights, or glass railings and walls are well worth the investment for any home or business. Thermal King Glass can make sure you make the most of this opportunity, by using the very highest quality manufactured brand components, and providing a professional worry-free installation services from their trained technical staff. 

Whether it’s an aesthetic upgrade or energy efficiency, visit www.thermalkingglass.com

CAPAX Contracting
CAPAX puts more than just the roof over your head, offering a wide range of roofing services, construction services, bin rentals, and hauling services for commercial projects across Nanaimo, Duncan, Victoria, Sooke, Sidney, and beyond. No matter what the size of your project, CAPAX Contracting has it covered.

To book your project visit  www.capaxcontracting.com

Jeune Bros. Tent & Awning
An awning isn’t just about protecting your storefront from the elements, it’s about making a statement and standing out. Jeune Bros. is focused on helping you to showcase your brand through your awning, with a professional design that incorporates the elements, whether that’s writing, colour or logos, you want. 

To get your own customized awning signage, visit www.jeunebros.com

Perfectly Clear 
A storefront window is essential to how you present your business, whether you want to make the most of a display, or simply exhibit that clean professional feel. However, it can be hard to balance traffic and cleaning schedules, but Perfectly Clear can work with you to create a schedule that matches your needs. They also offer a range of professional window, gutter, and sliding cleaning services for commercial clients throughout Victoria, to Nanaimo.

To arrange your Perfectly Clear cleaning service, visit www.perfectly-clear.ca


A commercial space doesn’t have to settle for functional, it can also inspire a mood, motivate a team, and create an energy. While cohesive with your corporate  brand and mission statement, you’ll want to stand out. It’s all about the impact when someone walks through your door and offering not only a service or product but a personal experience. Spaciz has the creativity and design skills to make that happen, built on principles of innovation, originality and boldness.

To find out how Spaciz can transform your interior spaces, visit www.spaciz.com

Cantex Painting
You want your business to look its best. One of the first impressions you make on any customer will be based on the look and feel of your interiors, and it’s even more important for your employees who spend their days there. Cantex Painting has over 2 decades of experience operating in the commercial sector and providing a reliable and high-quality painting service to businesses. 

Whether you’re looking to redo an old paint job in need of an update or switch things up with a change of colour or style, they provide a professional and efficient service that is available any day, any time, with the promise of reliability. 

To book your professional painting service visit www.cantexpainting.com 

A1 Carpet Care
Cleanliness extends far beyond the home. As a business, you need to maintain and clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, helping to give your employees a clean and fresh working environment, and creating a positive impression with customers. A1 Carpet Care believe in the value of cleanliness, providing an affordable and professional service that will enrich and spruce up any carpeted areas, upholstery or rugs. 

As a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience providing high-quality service to customers, they’ve developed a reputation for being the best. All cleaning products used by A1’s certified technicians are environmentally friendly, quick drying, and guaranteed to sanitize and deodorize. 

To book an appointment to give your business that overdue clean visit www.a1carpetcare.ca


Versatile Technologies
With Versatile Technologies, the potential for what can be achieved is limitless, with their skilled team of CWB certified welders on hand to fabricate anything you can envision. Using their state of the art equipment and incredible skill, Versatile can offer both mobile and on-site services, in addition to fabricating in their impressively outfitted shop on Chemainus, BC. 

If you have something in mind and want to know if it can be done, visit www.versatiletech.ca.

Victoria Box & Paper
It isn’t just the product that matters, it’s the packaging that it comes in. And Victoria Box & Paper can offer competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and the advantages of working with a reputable wholesaler when it comes to your packing needs. Their inventory also extends to a wide range of other supplies, including restaurant disposables and janitorial supplies. 

To find out what Victoria Box & Paper can supply for you, and take advantage of their offer of free delivery for orders over $100, visit www.victoriabox.ca 

Building Products
If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or contractor specializing in  exterior building products operating in Western Canada, then pairing with Building Products would be an ideal way to grow your businesses.They specialize in market development, assessing products and figuring out the best fits for distribution and marketing.

To find out how Building Products can help you grow your business, visit www.buildingproducts.ca

Canada Battery 
The Canadian climate can be a challenge for any industry when it comes to battery life and power. Whether you’re looking for automotive, marine, or commercial solutions, the Odyssey difference will give you batteries with epic staying power, lasting 3 times longer than other brands. Odyssey batteries make the most of a number of technological innovations, including pure lead plates, deep cycle power and a welded dry cell AGM. 

To upgrade your batteries, visit  www.canadabatterysystems.com [new website coming soon!]

Delta Photonics
Delta Photonics is the leading Canadian resource when it comes to the commercial supply of Photonics products, sourcing from industry leading suppliers and serving customers which include research laboratories and manufacturers of scientific and industrial equipment. They pride themselves on offering customized solutions that are based on matching the needs of their customers exactly. 

To find out how they can help you visit www.deltaphotonics.com today.

Aggressive Fire Safety
Have you considered your fire safety standards recently? It’s likely you haven’t, then you’re neglecting something that is vitally important for your business. Fire safety saves lives, and ensures that your business is a safe place to work and visit. Aggressive Fire Safety specializes in fire safety services and equipment, providing them to businesses throughout Vancouver Island. 

Make sure your business is safe today, by visiting www.aggressivefiresafety.com

All Battery
Batteries are an essential component of modern life, and nothing demonstrates this quite like the panic that ensues when you can’t find the battery you need. All Battery is here to make sure that never happens, providing batteries for a wide range of devices including cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, GPS devices and more. As a business, you can benefit from the many advantages of purchasing wholesale from All Battery. 

To make sure you never run out of juice, visit www.allbattery.ca


Campbell Construction
Campbell Construction has helped make Vancouver Island the rewarding and beautiful place to live and work that it is today. Having completed hundreds of projects across the Island since their inception in 1964, they are proven industry leaders when it comes to construction management and general contracting. 

They have the expertise and experience to undertake a wide range of tasks, from concrete formwork, concrete placing and finishing, wood framing, and millwork supply and installation.

To book your construction project today, visit www.campbellconstruction.ca

Allterra Construction
No matter what the size or complexity of the work you need completing, Allterra Construction has the expertise and the knowledge to get it done, on time and to a high standard. Specializing in municipal infrastructure, site development, demolition, water treatment, soil remediation and more, they have worked for a number of commercial clients including Hillside Mall, Victoria Shipyards, and Toyota Dealerships. 

To get your project started today visit www.allterraconstruction.ca

Busa Construction
For over 25 years, Busa Construction has been successfully completing large and small scale construction projects for commercial clients throughout Greater Victoria, developing a reputation for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

As a client, what you need more than anything is detailed information, allowing you to plan  when it comes to the important matters of time and money. Busa Construction provides detailed quotes and timelines, working with you every step of the way to ensure the project advances to meet your needs. They offer a wide range of commercial construction services: building envelope remediation, seismic upgrading, structural repairs, metal and wood framing, foundations and underpinning, and more. 

To get a quote on your project, visit www.busaconstruction.ca

Gorter Construction 
If you’re looking for construction that prizes innovation, then Gorter Construction is the ideal company for you to work with. Founded in 2002 by Wilf Gorter, they have built a portfolio that has showcased innovative thinking and skilled craftsmanship at every turn, leading to a number of industry awards and recognition.

To find out how their quality and creativity can help you, visit www.gorterconstruction.ca

Gräscale Developments 
We know you are concerned about your ROI when investing in commercial construction. Gräscale understands that the bottom line is what matters most when it comes to investing in a commercial construction project – you need everything to happen on time, and within a budget that achieves your needs whilst preserving your ROI. 

Gräscale can make that happen, as founder Jake Wenaus grew up around heavy machinery in a rural area and has carried that into his professional industry experience before founding his own company. 

To find out how they can help you make the most of your commercial construction project, visit www.gdivictoria.com

TNT Industries Inc
When it comes to blasting and demolition, no matter what your construction project, you’re going to need to bring in the experts – people who have the credentials and experience to handle this difficult and dangerous task. TNT Industries have a proven track record with over 37 years of experience when it comes to finding the right solution and executing it perfectly. 

To make sure your blasting is taken care off by the very best, visit www.tntblasting.ca

Westbrook Consulting
If you have an infrastructure or land development project that needs completing, then Westbrook Consulting should be your first port of call. Incorporated in 2005, Westbrook has developed a reputation for quality and professionalism. Their skilled team can take care of every aspect of your project,  from the initial conceptualization and design stages, through to final approval and construction inspections. 

To find out how Westbrook can transform your dreams into reality, visit www.wbrook.ca

Cat’s Eye Contracting
Offering small commercial construction and excavation services, for over 25 years Cat’s Eye Contracting have been building on Vancouver Island. They have proven their quality, professionalism, and efficiency no matter what the task, whether it’s multi-million dollar development projects, or small scale office renovations.

To book your commercial project, visit www.catseyecontracting.com

Commercial Services

Grace Point Square 
Whether you’re looking to expand, relocate, or get your business off the ground with its own office location, Grace Point Square is the perfect location for you. Located in Ganges on Salt Spring Island, Grace Point can offer the accessibility and cache of a downtown office presence, with options to suit every business. With smaller 70-575 square feet offices located in the dedicated Business Centre, second-floor offices from 600-800 square feet, and main floor units from 500-5000 square feet. 

To take your business to the next level with a Grace Point Square, visit www.gracepointsquare.com

Accent Refrigeration 
Don’t get left out in the cold. If you have commercial refrigeration or arena ice contracting needs, Accent Refrigeration is the only name you have to remember.  Having worked with some of Canada’s biggest arenas, and globally at the last four Olympic games, they have proven their expertise and knowledge. 

Accent specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of efficient refrigeration and energy recovery systems, drawing heavily on their tremendous engineering knowledge and experience. This knowledge allows them to offer a range of services: heat reclaim system design and installation,  complete mechanical design Service and installation, energy analysis, and much more. 

To book their services today, visit www.accent-refrigeration.com

Copper Canyon 
Don’t miss the forest for the trees; if you’re in need of timber development or forest engineering, whether on crown or private lands, Copper Canyon Consulting has the expertise to see the job through from beginning to end. They offer a wide range of services: timber development, timber evaluation, Lidar analysis and GIS/Mapping. 

They have the professional knowledge to take care of every stage of planning beforehand, from the initial reconnaissance to the final submission of Cutting Permit Applications and Licence to Cut Applications. 

To book your timber development or forest engineering project, visit www.coppercanyon.ca

Poland Crane and Hauling
If you have materials that need moving or lifting, anywhere on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, then all you need to do is call upon Poland Crane and Hauling. They pride themselves on their history of excellent customers service, safety, and efficiency. They will make sure everything is transported on time and safely, thanks to their fleet of truck mounted cranes and flat decks – all expertly handled by trained operators.  

To get your free quote today, visit www.polandcrane.com.

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