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It’s finally coming up to Christmas once again — which means we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief that 2020 is nearly over and that we can begin preparing for what will certainly be an unusual festive celebration.

This year being able to buy and even send gifts online has never been more important.

Whether you’re planning a stay at home celebration in your household or sending out gifts to family members for them to open over Zoom (it really is a strange year), we have you covered with this newsletter roundup featuring some of our amazing clients! 

If there’s a theme for most of our businesses this year, it’s that being able to offer customers an online buying experience has become absolutely crucial.

We’ve seen a number of our businesses transition to offering a full e-commerce experience, and see tremendous success doing so!

This list truly has everything: from delicious food to standout artistic centrepieces to one of a kind personalized gifts.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Christmas we’re sure you’ll be able to find something in this newsletter!


The hardest thing to do at Christmas? Find the perfect gift of course! All of the businesses in this section can help to make that process easier than ever — and with such a wide range of options, we’re sure there’s something for everyone here. 


No matter what the animal, your pet is an important, and beloved, part of your life. So, don’t neglect them this Christmas, make sure to gift them (and their owners) with something that’ll make their lives better, whether that’s food, supplies, or even a brand new toy.

We also know many of you will be shopping online for your gifts this year - and Pets West has you covered with their new e-commerce site. With a range of over 8000 products and both curbside pickup and free delivery options available for most products, there’s everything you could need just a few clicks away.

To browse their wide-ranging selection of pet products, and order your gift today visit


It is now easier than ever to find beautiful custom works of art, as with Heritage Wooden Gifts you can find something which is carved with love by expert engravers.

They have a wide selection of pieces, including jewellery, crests, medals, magnets, bookmarks, and coasters, which gives you the chance to present someone with a truly unique gift that captures and transforms the natural beauty of the West Coast into a lovingly crafted treasure.

To view their full selection of products and order now visit


There are few products that carry more social cache, quality, and style than the Cuban Cigar, with its worldwide reputation and storied history. They are an ideal gift this Christmas, and the Cuban Cigar Shop in Victoria offers a wide selection of quality options. Additionally, they have an impressive selection of accessories, including luxurious humidors, cigar cutters, and lighters.

To see their full selection of products and order now visit


Cosy sweaters and scarves always been a staple of Christmas gifting. Thanks to Out Of Ireland you have a wonderful collection of Irish, knits, scarves, wraps and hats right here in downtown Victoria.

Additionally the store showcases Irish jewellery, wool throws and many other unique gift items. Out Of Ireland also carries the widest selection of men’s wool caps and hats in Western Canada.

Other brands to enjoy in the store are Bewleys, Claddagh, Guinness and Mucros.

Worldwide shipping and a great new website to enjoy. Order now at and find them on Facebook.


For the adventurer in your life or just someone who wants to be prepared with a small emergency first aid kit, Medix BC has got you covered. Offering a range of kits and other medical supplies, don’t let you or a loved one be caught out without a kit.

With a variety of sizes and uses, kits are an easy way to have the things you need in an emergency in one convenient pack – make your life a little safer.

Order the proper supplies here


This year we’ve all been trying to get out and make the most of wide-open spaces, and there’s nothing quite as relaxing in these stressful times as a spot of fishing. Since 1994, Island Outfitters has been supplying  Victoria’s fishermen with all their bait and equipment needs, as well as a range of other hunting supplies.

For that perfect gift for the fisher in your life visit


The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, and the ones that are crafted personally with love and care. This Christmas let inspiration guide you and make something truly unique, with the help of equipment and guidance from Sawyer Sewing Centre. 

They carry a range of top quality sewing machines, threads, parts, and accessories, all of which can also make great gifts for the sewing aficionado in your life. 

To see their full list of products and order visit


We've all come to embrace our hobbies, even more, this year, and there is nothing quite as gratifying or relaxing as sewing. Whether you know a master seamstress, or someone just looking to get started, help them this Christmas with the gift of sewing supplies from Johnson Sewing.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, they have been operating since 1969 and drawing on this experience and expertise, they're able to offer the very best when it comes to materials and equipment. 

For more information or to purchase sewing supplies today, visit


If you’re looking for something truly unique for a gift idea, and something that’s going to have a genuine personal touch, then Theresa Makes Paper Dolls has just the solution for you.

There are endless possibilities with a personalized paper doll, made in a likeness of your choosing, and they come with a wide range of outfits and styles, making them a great gift for adults and children alike. Truly something fun and quirky to enjoy!

To order your own paper doll, visit


Customized embroidery and vinyl print are the perfect way to personalize your clothing, hats, and bags. Declare your team spirit with a special team jersey. Flaunt your individuality with a custom embroidered jacket. Share your favourite saying on a tote bag. Brag about an accomplishment with a vinyl pressed shirt. Show off your unique sense of style with custom embroidered pants. Impress with custom embroidered initials on your handkerchiefs. Wear it loud and wear it proud!

Reward your winners with a trophy or promotional item from MVP Crest and Trophy. They offer awards, engravings, promotional items, anniversary gifts, and team apparel.   

For further details go to


If you’re looking for fantastic bargains with the added bonus of contributing to a great cause — why not head on down to SSVP. The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul is run with the spirit of fairness and compassion in mind, helping those who truly need it. To help them achieve this they operate two thrift stores in Victoria, selling clothes, household items, electronics, antiques, and much more! 

For more information on the good work of the society and for a list of locations you can visit


Antiques don’t just make for excellent gifts, full of character, uniqueness and attractiveness. They also offer people a chance to join a lineage of owners and personal history. With a collection of hand-picked items from homes across Vancouver Island, Faith Grant’s on The Avenue has a wide range of antiques for that special, personal gift.

To see their current inventory, visit


It’s a very common problem, you’ve been given a great new gift for Christmas and you can’t wait to start using it — but you don’t have the battery it needs.

All Battery in Langford is here to make sure your Christmas runs smoothly, with batteries for cell phones, cordless phones, digital cameras, laptops, GPS devices and much more, they’re sure to have the right battery for your gift. 

For further details visit


A stay at home celebration can be a low key affair, or it can be something extravagant and celebratory. But either way, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or excitement!

In this section, we have the perfect range of foods and decorations to make the most of your household’s Christmas celebrations this year.


While we’re all staying safe this Christmas it’s still important to treat ourselves — Cakes Etc. is here to provide you with a delightful range of options.

Whether you’re looking for a statement cake you and the family can tuck into, or a selection of tasty sweets to follow that traditional Christmas meal.

To see their full selection and order online on their new e-commerce site visit


A good quality wine is an individual taste experience — uniquely different for each person’s palette — but it also should be fun. And that's exactly what Thirsty Vintner has captured with their wine-making experiences.

Whether you're looking to surprise someone with a high-quality wine you've created or bring someone into the world of wine crafting, this is an ideal Christmas Gift! Thirsty Vintner has made it easy for anyone to take part in the wine creation process, helping people in-store and at home to make wines that offer premium taste at affordable prices.

To find out more, visit


Food isn’t just about taste — it’s also heritage, history, passed down and shared with the world, and when people are able to share that culture it brings something new into the world. That’s exactly what happened when Greek immigrants Evgeni (Eugene) and Paschalina Vassiliadis opened up their Souvlaki snack bar in 1979. Now a wholesale business, Eugene’s is operated by their son Lee Vassiliadis, supplying delicious Homous and Tzatziki across Victoria. 

These are products built on history and authenticity, as well as tremendously tasty ingredients! Served alongside pita bread, they would make for a fantastic canape or appetizer for any Christmas or New Year stay-at-home celebration.

To see the full list of where you can get their products, visit


Whether you’re simply too pushed for time this winter, or you want something with more style and taste than your standard home-made fare, Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry is the answer to all your Christmas cooking quandaries. They offer a sumptuous selection of delicious food, delivered with knowledge and professionalism.

To see her mouth-watering menus, visit


Flowers can be an ideal way to add a touch of grace and elegance to any winter party or occasion. Or, they can be a beautiful and touching gift for a partner or family member. Either way, as one of the premier florists in Victoria, Kenmar Flower Farm will be able to provide you with something that will take people’s breath away.

They offer a wide range of flowers, plus European Hand Tied Bouquets that are arranged on a daily basis by people whose skill, craft, and experience shine through.

For flower tips and pictures of their beautiful bouquets, go to


We’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes recently — and learning the importance of a comfortable, relaxing, and energizing space to work, relax, and play in!

All these home and garden gifts will help you cultivate the perfect living space for you to spend your days in.


There’s no better feeling than sinking into a luxuriously comfortable bed at the end of the day. Why not give someone the gift of a good night’s sleep this Christmas courtesy of Heirloom Linens? They have a wide range of bedding options, all expertly made and carefully sourced. 

For all your bedding needs and to order now, visit


Vertical gardening is one of the best ways to make the most of your outdoor space. With a Vertical Organic Garden, you will be able to grow your own food, and develop a fantastic outdoor space to really enrich your home.

With their Gardens, you can grow up to 48 pots of fruits, vegetables, or herbs in an area of less than 8 square feet, making it an ideal gift for someone with a green thumb with limited space.

To find out more visit


The more time you’re spending in your home, the more important getting the right look and feel for your space is. This Christmas turn to Classic Home Tapestries for something that will really transform your living space or home office. With beautiful and ornate tapestries, you can give someone the gift of a magnificent piece that will add drama and style to wherever they hang it.

These high-quality tapestries, including everything from medieval and classical scenes to contemporary pieces, have been woven by long-established weavers in France, Belgium and Italy, who take tremendous pride in their craft and tradition.

To view their selection of tapestries, visit


Nothing sparks the imagination quite like a piece of art. And in this section, we’re focusing on places that offer exactly that. With an emphasis on authenticity and craft that makes them truly one of a kind!


Staring at a blank wall isn’t the most exciting experience — especially if you’re working from home — however, things can easily be livened up with a piece of art from My Mondo Trading. All pieces are rooted in the true provenance of Canada’s Pacific Northwest, with work by artists from First Nations across the region. My Mondo is able to highlight underappreciated and often ignored artists, bringing their work, which is rich in their unique culture, legends, visual styles and storytelling, to the public.

Each piece in this collection of masks, totem poles, talking sticks, paddles, headdresses, bowls, boxes and more has its own personal meaning and story, as well as beauty and value. With new pieces added and sold every week, and often selling fast, be sure to move quickly to secure the perfect artwork gift this Christmas.

To view their vast selection of art visit


Whether you’re searching for a gift for an artist, or simply someone who you know appreciates the finer points of art, the acclaimed Peninsula Gallery is ideal for you. Formed in 1986, it has since grown into one of Canada’s most renowned and established art galleries, presenting high-quality art and sculptures from both local and nationwide artists.

Located in Sidney, and with worldwide shipping for their pieces as well as bespoke custom framing, choosing and sending a piece from their gallery couldn’t be easier. And, for those who prefer to create, they also offer a range of art classes.

For a closer look at their artists, artwork, and available classes, visit


If you’re looking for artistic gifts and cards this Christmas, Topgate Farm gives you the chance to find something unique that reflects the best of Canadian art and artists. With a focus on the landscapes and seascapes of Western Canada, they showcase two very special Canadian artists and offer hand-printed reproductions of their work in the form of Art Cards, Note Cards, and Custom Art prints. 

To view their full products, visit


Books are one of the classic Christmas gifts for a reason! Whether you’re looking for some tasty recipes for people to try out or something special for the little ones we have you covered here with two truly unique clients. 


We’ve all discovered the importance of good home cooking this year — so there’s no better time to take your culinary skills to the next level with recipes and advice from leading Canadian chef Eric Akis. 

Eric believes that everyone has what it takes to cook delicious meals — and he would know! As a renowned Canadian Chef and food writer he has a wealth of experience in the kitchen, and his regular columns for the Victoria Times Colonist have proven a hit with readers across the province. He has also written a number of hugely popular cookbooks, and many of his recipes can also be found on his website. 

For taster recipes and more information, go to


Books are often the ideal Christmas gift for any child, not only encouraging a lifelong love of reading but giving them memories and attachments that they will remember for years to come. And, in the form of renowned Canadian author Michelle Mulder’s work, the perfect literary Christmas gift is now at hand.

With a genuine passion for writing books for younger readers, she’s written a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. For that extra touch, signed, personalized books are available from the author directly.

To view all of her books, visit


There is no better gift for that special someone in your life than a piece of fine jewellery, and here are a couple of the finest.


There is no better gift than a piece of sparkling fine jewellery, but you want to be sure you’re getting the very best. Stephen Fortner can ensure just that, using only conflict-free stones that have been appraised by an expert Gemmologist. As a skilled goldsmith with over 25 years of experience, he turns those stones into beautiful, glistening jewellery that will make for a special gift that is sure to be cherished.

To see his beautiful products, visit


Jewellery is the perfect gift for someone you care about this Christmas, but the tricky part can often be finding something that is unique, distinctive, and heartfelt. The jewellery of Susan Koch is all those things, and much more.

Reflecting her summers spent on Galiano Island, and a lifelong love affair with beach stones and sea glass. She incorporates these unique design elements into her work, crafting organic sterling silver jewellery with a gorgeous aesthetic, and a hand-crafted uniqueness that can’t be replicated.

To see pictures of her stunning and jewellery and which stores on Vancouver Island stock them, visit


Whether you’ve been kickstarting your exercise regime or you’re itching to get back on the field next year, now is the best time to invest in athletic gear. And with the help of these businesses, you’ll also be able to find the perfect present for the fitness fanatic in your life!


Staying in shape through the winter doesn’t have to be a drag — not with the exciting option of year-round Vancouver Island cycling. Cycling isn’t just an amazing way to get and stay fit, it’s also a great way of exploring this gorgeous island and getting outside in a safe and socially distanced way!

It doesn’t matter what your cycling level is, Cycle Therapy has everything you need to start your cycling adventure — expert advice, great customer service, and a wide range of bikes, accessories, and even bike rentals.  

To start making plans for you or your loved ones, visit


No matter what level they’re playing at, Kirby’s Source for Sports has a wide selection of equipment and supplies that would make the perfect Christmas gift for the sports enthusiast in your life. Kirby’s has a wide range of products across Hockey, Baseball, and Lacrosse, as well as recently expanded offerings in Soccer, Field Hockey and Football.

This locally owned and operated business can be counted on for high-quality customer service and support, backed by owners Kirby Yeats and Sean Tackaberry, who have over 50 combined years’ worth of experience in the sporting goods industry.

To view their full selection of products visit


Are you looking for a unique gift this Christmas that can be both fun and rewarding for your kids (And maybe even the adults)? Then look no further than Sawyer Trampolines. A trampoline could make an amazing gift with the potential for year-round fun and exercise and low maintenance and easy assembly.

They have a range of excellent products that feature heavy-duty galvanized steel frames, weather-resistant marine vinyl-covered safety pads, high-density polypropylene jumping surface, and galvanized steel springs. There is a maximum weight load of 450 pounds which means mum and dad can enjoy bouncing with the kids too.

To view which trampolines would suit you best, visit

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