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Blood Donation Preparation Tips

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NOTICE: We've just received word that Canada's blood inventory has hit a "critically low level", and could result in hospitals across the country being unable to meet demand. Canadian Blood Services is extending clinic hours to try and reverse the situation, and is asking for O and A blood type people in particular to come in and donate.

Stylized drop of blood with red rays of light and the text means GIVEHere at Radar Hill we've recently joined up with Canadian Blood Service's Partners For Life program. It's a pretty neat program where you pledge a minimum number of blood donations for your company to make each year. Employers, employees, friends and family members can all be part of your PFL group, so long as they don't already belong to an existing group at another company or organization.

Due to our small office size (10 staff), we're pledged to donate 15 times in a year. Some of our team members are donating for the first time this year, while others are old veterans at the clinic. It's great to see so many people taking part.

Here are a few simple tips that will make your next blood donation appointment a snap:

  • Make an appointment to donate, either online or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE;
  • Drink water and juice, not coffee, before your appointment.  This will speed up your 'blood letting' and keep you hydrated;
  • Eat high iron foods (kale or any other green vegetable, and red meat or fish) in the days leading up to your donation;
  • Have a snack before heading to the clinic;
  • Wear a dark-coloured shirt that has sleeves that roll up easily;
  • Take all the cookies and juice you want after donating;
  • Get special donor cards and pins as you hit new donation goals.

Thank you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to save lives.  By donating blood you are saving lives.