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7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Website In 2019

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A New Year, a New You. So goes the ritual of the New Year’s resolution, with each of us approaching the year to come with a clear list of goals and a hopeful optimism. Whether it’s going to the gym, saving money, or eating healthier, we always imagine that this is the year things will be different. However, so often what starts well will falter as the year goes. 

Make this year a true game changer by simplifying your resolution and give yourself a clear goal with an obvious path: increase the profitability of your business. What makes this goal achievable? By simply updating your website. Here are 7 reasons why you should upgrade. Make 2019 Your Most Successful Yet.

1. Stand Out With Effective Messaging

Content matters – it plays a key role in keeping visitors on your website, and in the decisions they make over purchases and hires. Yet, you may not be aware of the quality of your content, and potentially missing out on business through inaction. Is your content clear and accurate? If not, visitors to your site may be unclear on your services, or grow frustrated trying to find what they need.

Is your content appropriate for your brand identity and message? Even the most brilliantly crafted content won’t be effective if it doesn’t match your business. Does your content sing? You need to stand out, and if your content is forgettable, visitors to your website may not be compelled to stick around and find out more, no matter how good your product or service is. We know how to write content that your customers will want to share with others. 

2. Project a Contemporary Image With Timely Content

Even if the content was once effective, your business is in a constant state of evolution and change, and yet your website, and its content, have remained static. You have to ask yourself: does the language reflect my brand right now? Are products or services described in an accurate and appealing way? Are we sending a clear and current message?

What’s more, the customer will want to see a business that has its finger on the pulse, one that reacts quickly and understands its market. If your website’s language feels outdated or tired, they’ll infer the same of the services you provide. Your content should always project a positive and accurate representation of your business. We can write content that will generate business for you. 

3. Re-Introduce Your Website to Google With Effective SEO

It’s such an automatic process we do it without even thinking – if we want to go to a specific website we won’t type in the URL, we’ll simply look it up through Google. This little action however has huge consequences for your business. If your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices are not up to date, these search results will be negatively affected, as your site will not be one of the top results, making it more difficult for potential customers to find it. 

Google tweaks its search algorithm hundreds of times a year, with a few major changes every so often, meaning your site’s SEO must be constantly updated in order to be effective. Google is ultimately there to provide a service, and that means sending its clients to a website that is secure, easy to navigate, and has relevant content. Make sure your site is optimized to keep Google, and the other search engines, satisfied. We can do that for you. 

4. Make Your Website Effective With New Tools

The technology behind websites and web design is constantly evolving and improving, and this means your website needs to keep up with the pace. To do this, you need to consult experts, who can upgrade your website with the latest coding and add-ons.

These additions and changes are not simply a matter of pushing a few buttons and some minor tweaks, but rather involve changing the underlying coding. The newest tools make your website function better and increase traffic and sales. We install it all for you.

5. Smartphones Have Taken Over The World – It Needs to Have A Responsive Web Design

Research shows that people will interact with a company online approximately 10 times before hiring their services or making a purchase. These interactions can take a variety of forms, usually they will initially happen on a smartphone. This means that having a website that is responsive to mobile devices is essential in order to ensure these interactions are a positive experience.

However, making a site responsive is not simply shrinking the size to fit a smaller screen. The site needs to be properly coded in order to ensure that the message remains consistent, and that the calls to action remain prominent, across all devices. We can convert your site to be responsive, as smartphone usage is only going to increase.

6. Give Your Website a Makeover

Much like fashion, web design visuals are constantly going out of style. If you saw someone walking down the street in flared jeans and platform shoes you’d probably be taken aback. Now imagine that same person is your website. 

You definitely don’t want to inspire that reaction in customers. Yet, a site built even 5 years ago can seem ancient in the online world, creating a negative impression with visitors, and often making your business seem equally outdated. New fresh designs are the key to driving more traffic and ultimately more customers. Our designers can create a design that reflects your style, and appeals to your customers.

7. Create A Memorable Experience For The User

User experience is a hugely important area for any business. People who have a positive experience, be it at a restaurant, shop, or online, are more likely to return and engage with the business, and more likely to spread positive opinions about it through word of mouth, reviews, or social media. 

In order to ensure this, the user experience must be frictionless. This means that they can find the information they want quickly and easily, as well as having a positive reaction to the visuals and content. Most initial decisions are emotional, so give your potential customer a great experience, so that they want to engage with you. We can make sure your website achieves all of that.

Your website reflects your business, and by committing to upgrading it in the right ways, you are in effect, upgrading your business. Making sure potential customers and clients get the best possible experience, and turn more of that potential into profit. 

If you want to make that profit yours in 2019, make sure you have the right people taking care of your website. To do that, get in touch with us to book an appointment to discuss how we can make you a success. 

Set up an appointment with us to discuss how we can make 2019 your most successful year yet.