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6 Reasons To Do Google Ads

Google Ads (Formerly known as AdWords), is the biggest pay-per-click advertising platform available, allowing businesses to create targeted online advertising to be shown when specific Google search terms are used (also known as keywords).

The platform has proven to be wildly successful — primarily because it works! We believe Google Ads to be an essential part of any online marketing campaign, one that delivers measurable and notable ROI (Return on Investment) for businesses. 

The ROI can be very high with Google Ads, as even if it costs you $1000 to get 10 new clients with Google Ads, but those 10 clients are worth $500 each to you - then that is $5000.

If you aren’t already utilizing Google Ads, here are just 6 reasons why you should be. 

How it Works: 

First let’s explain basically how Google Ads work - if you’re looking for an accountant in the Cowichan Valley that will help you process your tax return, you might Google “tax account Cowichan”. The first few results on that Google results page would be from accountants who are wanting to be found using those words, and if someone is searching for those words, then they are likely to convert into a client, because they actively require that service. 

An ad will only be shown to someone searching for chosen keywords. The accountant ad will not be shown to someone searching for “payroll software” for example. It will be only that very specific ad shown to those interested in that specific topic. This means that an ad will only reach the people that are actively searching for the service or product. 

Scalability - Grow Your Business

What is scalability? In general terms, scalability is growing a company using a set strategy to achieve the desired result. For advertising, this means a strategy which will remain equally profitable as you invest more money, making it easier to test out strategies for smaller numbers then grow those that work. 

Google Ads is an extremely scalable option, meaning that as you increase your budget, finding strategies that work, you’ll see increased returns, allowing you to always make the most of your ad spend. It also makes Google Ads ideal for any business with an ambitious growth strategy.

Measurability - Track Your Ads’ Performance

Measurability is a key concept for any marketing strategy — being able to quickly and accurately measure the impact your strategies allows for more efficient decision making, and the ability to respond to challenges and new developments. 

For a lot of online channels, tracking correctly and measurability can be tricky to obtain — not so with Google Ads. Google Ads prioritizes transparency, with a wide range of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) metrics that allow you to analyze what is working and what isn’t with detail and specificity. This means that you can easily change to show your ads to what people are actually searching for, and what they will actually click on. 

Flexibility - Get the Business You Want 

Flexibility is one of the more undervalued — and integral qualities of any marketing channel. In the case of Google Ads, there are a wide range of options that will allow you to customize every aspect of your campaign and target specific needs and audiences. 

This hyper-targeting is essential when it comes to delivering ROI. Not only does it ensure you get a higher quality of lead, but you can also optimize your landing pages and other content to reinforce your marketing. Think of Google Ads as a fishing lure — one you’re able to pick to catch exactly the type of fish you want. 

Faster Returns - See Immediate Results

One of the biggest hurdles businesses face when it comes to SEO is the sheer amount of time it can take to see genuine results. This is something marketers refer to as the ‘Google sandbox effect’, meaning before businesses can prove their authority and get returns on their SEO campaigns, there will be a waiting period with minimal change. This is where Google Ads provides an ideal solution. 

With Google Ads, the results are immediate, generating impressions and clicks as soon as you invest in a campaign. This makes it an ideal component to sit alongside SEO campaigns. As soon as an ad is live, whenever those keywords are used, your ad will be shown. 

Appeal To The Right Motivation 

One of the biggest struggles in any marketing effort is maintaining the quality of your leads. One of the easiest ways to do this is by appealing to motivated customers — and nothing provides greater insight into the mindset of a customer than the search terms they’re using. You’d be surprised how much even a difference of one word can mean when it comes to identifying the customer’s unique mindset. 

Google Ads allows you to drill down into those details, and target your ads only at the customers with the exact mindset you’re looking for. Ads will not show to people who are not interested in your product or service, making it the most effective and targeted form of marketing. You’re not screaming into the void just hoping for someone, anyone, to see your ad - you’re targeting specific people who want to find you

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