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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Could Be Effective For Your Business

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For many email marketing is an afterthought — something that they don’t consider to be as crucial as social media or other forms of content marketing. These businesses are missing out on a golden opportunity.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective, and influential marketing methods — and it presents an array of intriguing possibilities for companies going forward.

Here are five reasons why email marketing is an effective option for businesses. 

It’s What Your Customers Prefer 

Any good marketing method needs to appeal to the preferences of your customers — and this includes the medium you choose. You want to approach your customers in a way that they’re open to, making sure that they’re receptive to whatever message you’re using. In this area, recent studies have shown that email marketing is the preferred method of choice for consumers. There are a number of reasons this could be the case: 

  • It’s a permission-based system. This is becoming hugely important for marketers everywhere, customers want to be in control of the messages they see and when they see them. Email marketing allows them to do exactly that. 
  • They can engage with it on their own terms. While social media and other forms of marketing have an immediacy that can appeal to businesses, the appeal of email marketing lies in its ability to do the opposite. Customers can read and react to the content in a way that works for them. This makes any call to action more effective. 
  • They don’t miss out. The content of email marketing is especially geared towards discounts and new deals. These are often time-sensitive and most effective when customers find out about them immediately. 

Make The Most Of The Mobile Experience 

Increasingly appealing to customers through their mobile devices is becoming one of the most critical areas for any business. Given the high percentage of us that use them for shopping, browsing, and much more, they’re a vital point of interaction. At a glance, it may not be immediately obvious how that relates to email marketing — but think about it.

How often do you check your emails on your phone? For the vast majority of us its at least once a day. This means email marketing has an extremely high level of visibility, and for companies looking to encourage mobile browsing or purchases — a chance to appeal at a moment very close to the decision to purchase and deploy an effective call to action. 

Deals, Deals, Deals 

For many businesses marketing new products, deals, and promotions is a vital way of securing new and repeat customers. But this can only be effective if customers are kept informed about all the latest offers — this is where email marketing comes in.

Customers will often rely on email marketing as a way of keeping up to date with businesses they’re interested in — with this frequently listed as one of the driving motivations behind subscriptions. 

It’s A Versatile Tool 

The best marketing strategies aren’t just the ones that use the right tactics — they’re the ones that understand how to use tactics in tandem to really reach their customers. When it comes to this, email marketing is a truly versatile and useful tool.

As a part of an integrated marketing campaign, email marketing could, for example, be used to draw attention to your social media posts or to alert customers to changes in your website or services. Email marketing also has the versatility needed to allow for personalization, with personalized product recommendations, unique welcome messages, and shopping cart reminders. 

It’s An Affordable Option 

No matter how effective the marketing tool you need to be able to ensure you’re also getting a positive return on your investment by using it — this is where cost comes in. As an effective and low-cost option, email marketing offers a tremendous ROI, especially for small businesses. 

Email marketing also requires expertise—something that Radar Hill can provide for you. As a part of our comprehensive package of services, we offer effective email marketing that will help you reach your customers. To find out more contact us today. 

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