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3D Aerial Video For Real Estate

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To use a cliché saying, “location, location, location.” With more and more activity and business happening online it is only expected that the home buying process is hugely digital. People want to know everything about a house before going to view it, and location is a vital aspect of choosing a home. It’s all very well to say that a property is “overlooking spectacular ocean views” or “nestled at the end of a quiet street,” it is another to be able to show that via aerial video. But luckily that’s exactly what you can do now, courtesy of Google Earth and CorkScrew Visuals Inc.

Radar Hill and CorkScrew have partnered to provide Victoria* REALTORS® with a new service: 3D aerial video for your chosen property. No need for a drone, instead a dynamic flyover of your listing and the surrounding area will be created using 3D data from Google Earth. The final product is a high definition 30 second video with your branding and contact information, ready for use on your website, emails, digital brochures, and social media.

Already a Radar Hill client? Ordering a video will only take you a few seconds. The order form is part of your VREB Listings Management.

*Please note the coverage map of CorkScrew for Victoria.

Quick Ordering, Quick Turnaround

To order simply go into your website’s Content Management System and:

  1. Select a listing and click “edit”
  2. Click on the “Aerial View” tab
  3. Fill out a brief description (e.g. “stunning oceanfront”)
  4. Select how quickly you want the video – 24 or 48 hours
  5. Press order
  6. Relax as Radar Hill does the rest

Grab Home Buyers’ Attention

Once ordered, the video will be integrated into your website and the link to it delivered to you via email within 24 or 48 hours, depending on your selected turnaround time. This video is:

  • 30 seconds of high-detail 3D rendering, showcasing the chosen property and its surrounding area
  • Streamed for quality display on all mobile and desktop devices (Responsive links are active for 1 year or 10,000 views)
  • Easily added to emails or texts with a video link for marketing and promotional efforts
  • Mobile-friendly, and the video stream can be embedded directly into websites

CorkScrew 3D aerial videos are not dependent on good weather, permits, or on-site presence, so you can order one anytime you want to showcase your property. At only $59.95 or $99.95, depending if it’s a 24 hour or 48 hour turnaround time, an aerial video is a modern way of showcasing a property and its surrounding area, so that prospective buyers can accurately evaluate the location, location, location.

Examples of CorkScrew 3D Aerial Videos