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What is ChatGPT? An AI-Written Blog Category: News & Politics

Est. reading time 5 minutes

You’ve probably been hearing about ChatGPT and AI writing tools a lot the last few weeks. But what is it exactly? For a brief overview of ChatGPT, other than this paragraph here is a blog that was written 100% by ChatGPT. We gave it the prompts (headers), but the text is completely written by...

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What is Google Analytics and Why It’s Important for Your Online Presence Category: News & Politics

Est. reading time 7 minutes

There are a number of advantages unique to digital marketing when compared to traditional methods of marketing and today we’re going to focus on one of them: the sheer volume of data and metrics available to you.  One of the best methods for tracking these metrics when it comes to your website...

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Net Neutrality – Help Keep It Category: News & Politics

Est. reading time 2 minutes

You’ve probably heard a lot about Net Neutrality in the last few years, and recently it is back in the news. Canada, and the world, will be affected in many different ways if Net Neutrality in the USA ends. But what does it mean exactly? What is Net Neutrality?

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