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Be a Tourist on Vancouver Island: Featured Businesses Category: Service Industry Websites

Over the last year, we’ve all learned to love the perks that can be found in exploring the area around you instead of going further afield. But, even without the restrictions, we’re lucky enough to have some amazing places and destinations on our doorstep here in Vancouver Island. In that...

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Tourism Newsletter – Featured Businesses Category: Service Industry Websites

Transformative. Relaxing. Memorable. That’s what you want in a good holiday, and we are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where wonderful experiences can be had every day. Whether it’s on the water, good restaurants, or comfortable accommodation, Vancouver Island has got you covered. ...

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Business 2 Business Newsletter Category: Service Industry Websites

Businesses depend on other businesses to thrive. Be it a website, printing supplies, packaging supplies, catering, or bookkeeping, a business cannot operate completely independently from other businesses. We at Radar Hill have created and maintain hundreds of websites, and this newsletter will...

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Home Renovations – Featured Businesses Category: Service Industry Websites

After the snow and before the summer comes a time of cleaning, renewal and growth. For your home this could mean getting a bold new paint colour, a whole custom-built closet, transforming your yard into a thriving garden, or whatever else it needs to be the dream dwelling that you’ve always...

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