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Listing Inventory Management Online

Professional listing display for busy REALTORS®

Your property listings display is critical to your reputation. If it looks neglected or contains stale information you will suffer the consequences — people will think that you're not on top of the real estate market. LIMO, our automated listing summary system, solves all these concerns and creates business.

All listing information is updated every hour, assuring your listings are current - guaranteed. Features include:

  • Automatic hourly update of listings to your website
  • Borrow a Listing – display any listing within your Agency
  • Feature Property – choose which property to display on your home page
  • Extra Photos – upload up to a total of 25 photos per listing to display on your website
  • Free Document Upload – upload your own floor plan for a particular listing
  • Listing Activity Report – indicates which listings are being viewed the most
  • Virtual Tour – add links to your virtual tours
  • YouTube – embed YouTube videos
  • Exclusive properties – add non-MLS® listings
  • Toggle Sales (Listing or Sold) on/off
  • Remarks & captions – add additional remarks and captions
  • Open House – post Open Houses

Radar Hill Technology is licenced to access all MLS® information and populate your web page with information. Your listings and your company's listings can be displayed in accord with CREA guidelines and local board policy.

Price changes, picture changes and comment changes are all taken care of automatically. No monitoring on your part, no data entry - typical requirements of many "free" listing services.

Choose from one of 3 LIMO packages:


This is our basic and standard format, HTML display.


Enhanced slideshow, enhanced buttons for ease of use, same features in a pleasing modern format.


Super deluxe Javascript or Flash slide show with lightbox enlargements, optional large format sizing, Google Street View, Javascript pop ups for all options: Calculators, send to a friend, virtual tours, floorplans etc.

Contact us today for a free demonstration, and watch your listings get noticed!

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